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Dean’s Chrisbirthday Present From D

Danielle very graciously bought my son a Christmas and Birthday present. I am very grateful for being gifted with a caring best friend that supports me no matter what decisions I have made in my life. I just hope that I am as great of a friend to her as she is to me, because as far as friends go, she’s pretty amazing.


This is the cutest little penguin ever! Dean enjoys biting on his beak, which all four of Dean’s first molars have erupted! They are half way through his gums. Now, my little boy has twelve teeth. I think he can only get 8 more, so here’s to many more.

She also bought him Micky Mouse pjs, a fleece one piece, and a Paw Patrol shirt, which Dean adores dearly. I love having a few more new things to put him in. He never seems to have enough clothes, especially since half off his pants are too long. He is short for his age. He wears 9 month old pants and clothes. He is a 14 month old in 9 month old clothes.

We have new books to read to Dean and he has tons of new toys to play with. He is blessed with love and that is what is important. He still has a lot of basic toys though. He doesn’t want for anything. I will happily go without to get Dean something he needs/wants. He loves the little train cars and the shapes. He gnaws on the rubber ducky and tries to eat the books as well. He is attached to his big red Clifford that Danielle had bought him months ago now. He sleeps with him at night. It’s so cute to find him in the morning snuggling with a stuffed animal that is almost as big as he is. Well, that is what Danielle got Dean for his birthday and Christmas. He is a spoiled, sweet boy.

With Love,



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