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Tophatter Auction Site Review*

Hello Beauties!

I have teamed up with the auction site Tophatter to bring you this post. Now, you are probably wondering what Tophatter is. Tophattter is an auction site that is SO much better than Ebay. Tophatter’s site is fast, fun, and reliable. The pace of the auctions are really quick. If you don’t bid in 90 seconds, than the auction is over and you win. There is an amazing high feeling when you win something that you really wanted for less than half of what you would have paid for it at Sephora. Tophatter has a lot of jewlry and tech auctions, but if you wait patiently, you can find great items like Coach purses, popular makeup brands, and the latest fashions. After using this site twice, I will definitely be coming back to this site. I want to buy some kitchen cutlery and a slogan shirt.

Tophatter is so much better than Ebay, because you are guaranteed your satisfaction. The seller cannot send you cheap, fake stuff, if they were showing a brand new Coach purse and labeled it as such. Sellers who lie, quickly are kicked off of the site and you are guaranteed your money back. You really have nothing to lose for trying this site out.

I received two $10 credits towards two different purchases of $11 or more. The first thing that caught my eye was a Tarte pallet auction. It was a really fun bid starting at $3 and I had fun going back and forth with this one girl. She finally gave up and I snagged this pallet for $15 dollars including shipping, due to the credit, I only paid $5. A great deal for a really expensive pallet! I didn’t swatch anything, because I’m going to be giving this pallet to D next time I see her. I already have my Smashbox and I’m going to get the Too Faced Sweet Peach one. This one won’t get any love. It’s a nice basic pallet and I’m sure D will love it. I love you D and I appreciate everything you do for me and Dean. This is yours when I see you next!
My other purchase was for the Lior Gold Caviar Anti-aging Expert, Age Response Wrinkle Remover, which is just a really fancy serum. This retails for $625 and I bought it for $11 including shipping. I was the only one who bid on it, so I won it and only spent $1 out of pocket due to the $10 credit. Not a bad haul for $6 dollars.
I have my own unique code to share with you guys, if you want to try the site out. Since wordpress doesn’t like referral links, I will share my unique code instead. When you sign up, just add my code in the field: a6967c. You can always email me for my referral link if you would prefer to use that instead. Also, for using my link, you will receive a $10 buyer credit to apply to your first purchase of $11 or more and when you make your first $11 or more purchase, I’ll receive a $10 credit as well. We all win with this deal. So, why not try it out? You have nothing to lose and you’ll get a $10 credit if you use my code!
With Love,
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