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$200 Before 2018

Hey Guys!

It is no secret that I love makeup and that I plan on buying a lot of it this year. I also have a quite modest collection, but I still want to move makeup out off my collection as I move other items in. I have attached some videos at the bottom of this post in case you want to see my makeup collection, what I am currently using, and the storage/collection of my skin/body/perfume items as well.

My plan for this year is to move out 20 beauty items. I also want the total to be $200 dollars. It would be nice to meet both goals of 20 items and $200 worth of makeup. I am happy with just reaching one or the other but my goal is both. That is what I am working towards this year. I don’t have a plan for my other items, because I tend to go through my skin care and body care items. I just ended up with a stockpile, because I used to buy and not use. Now, I really have no problem using up my lotions and such.

I am including perfumes and body sprays in my beauty count, because I consider those items more beauty than body care. I want to use up 5 lip balms, 5 lipstick/gloss/stains, 3 highlighters, 2 blushes, 5 eye items, and ideally 5 perfumes. Face items such as foundations, concealers, primers, and such will be counted, but my focus is on the other products. Samples/foil packets will count as $1 a piece, but not count towards the number count, including perfume samples.

Enjoy some videos! That is my game plan and I plan on updating you guys at the end of April/early May with how much I have used up so far.

With Love,

Selena Hannah ❤


17 thoughts on “$200 Before 2018”

    1. LOL. I am trying not to buy until I use up what I have and I have been good at it. I cannot wait for a B&BW and VS haul with bath and body stuff! Probably at the end of the Summer. I think I’ll also run out of body wash by then. Even if I don’t finish up everything, I’m still going to treat myself to some new stuff to mix with the older stuff. So, I don’t get bored and it’s like a reward for using up all my stock pile. I still have a ton of stuff in storage though. I’m trying not buy backups of stuff. I go to Walmart once a week, so it’s not like I’ll g without it for long.

      1. The seasonal lush stuff always gets me. Like there’s a pink shower jelly for Mother’s Day that I want but shouldn’t buy. It’s easier to say no if it’s the only thing I want and don’t want to pay shipping. Lol

      2. That is smart. I wouldn’t feel as bad about it if I was in the mall and just picked up one or two things, but if I pay for shipping I want to make it worth my while. I don’t know. It is probably best to wait til Christmas.

      3. I think the shipping is only around $6 if you don’t get a big order? But yea, the product I want is only $13 so to spend half the price of shipping seems a lot.

      4. Yes, I only bought it a couple months ago and haven’t really touched it. I’m trying to get rid of older things first and lush shower gels usually tend to last at least a year after the best by date

      5. Nice. Mine are more like best by 2016 so they need to be used this year. Listen, I can’t come over tomorrow. Eva had a bad anaphylactic shock reaction to the heartworm shot. She almost died. She’s at the hospital right now and staying overnight. If she’s stable, we’ll get a phone call sometime tomorrow to pick her up. I’m sorry for canceling but it’s a real emergency. The vaccine company is actually paying the bill. They are being easy to deal with. They legally have to pay though.

      6. That is fine. Hopefully she will be alright and able to come home tomorrow. At least the vaccine company is giving you no issues. Do you want to plan for next weekend or the one after instead? I don’t know if and what you have going on.

      7. She’s part of the family and we love her. I love to hate her. Lol. Ummm….the week after I think. I’ll let you know Monday. I have to call the dentist. I think my appt is this Sat but I’m not sure. So I have to call. 🙂

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