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Lil’ Biscuits

For Gerber Graduates Lil’ Biscuits in Vanilla Wheat


Dean loved these biscuits a lot and I loved that they weren’t messy at all. It is made with whole grains instead of bleached flour. The main drawback to this treat is that it has two grams of sugar per 7 grams of biscuit. If the biscuit is 7 grams and it contains 2 grams of sugar, than it is really only 5 grams worth of the good stuff. It’s like a fourth full of sugar and that is just a little too much for how small they are. I will not repurchase  this biscuit again, but I will be buying more stuff from Gerber. I am going to buy some fruit and veggie packets, because Dean does not get enough fruit and veggies a day. He drinks about 4 ounces of V8 V-Fusion a day mixed with equal parts water. The flavor I get is really sweet, even with cutting it down with water.

With Love ❤



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