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Fresh Face

For Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

You know the drill by now. Third day with no picture. LOL. I got this as a birthday gift from Sephora and I enjoyed using my sample. This was really gentle on my skin and very moisturizing. I don’t think its worth the full sized price tag though. I like my cleansers to do something and this did nothing for my skin. It was great to try out and smelled nice. It wasn’t something special and seems to be overpriced for what it is. If you have overly sensitive skin, you might really like it or really dry skin types. I have more of normal/combination skin now instead of really oily. I like my cleansers to pack a punch like have clay to suck out oil or granules to scrub away dead skin. It was nice, but not my thang.

With Love ❤


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