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After Sun Moisturizer

For Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect After Sun Moisturizer in Coconut Papaya


I wasn’t a fan of this after sun moisturizer. The scent of this wasn’t the greatest and it was really sunscreen smelling but it doesn’t contain sunscreen. So, it was a weird smelling product and I did not smell the papaya. I also didn’t care for the white cast. It was like I couldn’t rub it into my skin. Once I stopped rubbing it in, it sunk into my skin and the white cast went away. I loved the gold shimmery sheen left behind. I love shimmer lotion, but this wasn’t my favorite one. I would not repurchase and I will not be recommending this product. I think aloe gel would be better than this and actually work to nourish the skin. I love Hawaiian Tropics, but this product was just not great. It’s weird that it tell you to shower before application.

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11 thoughts on “After Sun Moisturizer”

  1. They have two other after sun lotions. One is swirly and has aloe that you can actually see in it, which is my favorite. Then they have a plain lotion that’s lime scented, I don’t feel it’s as affective but it’s still nice and it’s a really big bottle. I bought it last year and still have about half of it,

      1. No, it’s supposed to storm tonight into tomorrow all day. I plan on placing a birthday order at Sephora, but going to the mall will have to wait until next week. I also get to have lunch out next week, too. 🙂 Are you doing anything? And Thank You.

      2. I went to visit my moms parents for Mother’s Day yesterday, and we went to church then. Nothing really planned for today. I think my mom is hoping my dad will make her dinner, I gave her some tea and fancy soaps.

      3. Really same. It’s harder to burn off what you’ve eaten the later it gets. I would prefer 5:30/6 which used to be the regular time, but I have no say as I’m not making it. Lol

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