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Lady Gaga

For Coty Lady Gaga Fame Black Body Lotion


I only have a picture of the perfume bottle, so enjoy! This was so gimmicky and it stained my underwear. Being a black lotion is a nice concept, but it makes my legs look dirty. It’s just weird. This absorbed fast, but didn’t offer much moisture. By the time I was done with this bottle, I was over the scent. I’ll need a break before I can wear the perfume again. I cannot believe how fast I am going through body lotions, now. I moisturize in the morning most days and this is the third body lotion that I have gone through in less than a month. I will not repurchase this, because it stains and doesn’t offer much moisture to the skin.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

23 thoughts on “Lady Gaga”

  1. Sometimes the lotions in these kinds of sets are not moisturizing at all. It is dumb. The old Mary-Kate and Ashley ones are surprisingly hydrating though. I don’t get it.

      1. I think they’re all made by coty? But I guess that it was a gel could have had something to do with it. I’ve been using a face gel and it’s not as hydrating as a regular moisturizer.

      2. Coty seems to be behind a good portion of the beauty industry. They make most celebrity perfumes, sally Hansen, opi, and NYC cosmetics. They may own some other things too but that’s all I noticed.

      3. Yes and Loreal. Honestly more than half of companies do or pretend they don’t. I try not to buy from them but I love my Garnier too much to give it up.

      4. L’oreal I knew about. It’s really sad that they test on animals, and probably not that affective since the skin is different? I think peta has a list on their website. I was pleasantly surprised that Wet N Wild doesn’t test on animals. I figured they would because they’re so cheap. It’s really hard to completely eliminate using animal-tested brands, though it would be nice if more companies would stop doing it.

      5. That sounds nice. Have you tried any oil cleansers before? The few that I’ve sampled have been pretty hit and miss. The tatcha one is sort of disappointing.

      6. I think Garnier made one but it was too perfumed. I haven’t tried much but oil to foam sounds easy and less greasy than a plain oil cleanser. I do love my facial oils though.

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