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Sephora Birthday Haul

I indulged in a little Sephora birthday haul and The Ordinary Skincare. My skincare order hasn’t come in yet, but my Sephora white and black stripped box is here. I’d thought that I will share some Summer staples that I bought for my birthday and in preparation for summer. I’m so excited about these products, even though they can seem really basic. I am a skin care junkie, so most of the haul is skin care and freebies. It doesn’t take me that long to go through skin care items. I never need to really put them in a project pan, because I love taking care of my skin. Let’s get started on the haul!

3 Free Samples W/Every Order

Every online Sephora order gets three free samples. These are not the samples that I chose, but I am still excited about them. I have heard about these before and they aren’t makeup which makes me happy. Drunk Elephant is an expensive brand, so I’m glad to have a sample to try of one of their night serums that I am sure only has one use in it. Youtube is on fire about the Aqua bomb and I look forward to trying it out. I like wearing my hair natural, using no heat tools at all. I have no time! The Deva Curl is a brand that I’ve heard a ton about. Their products are meant to use on natural hair with no heat styling. I love products geared towards no heat styling and this is a generous size.

Clinique Pep-Start Daily UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 50

I paid $19.50 for 1 oz of sunscreen. Yes, it is expensive, but it will last me all summer. I like the yellow tint to blur out imperfections and IT DOESN’T SMELL LIKE SUNSCREEN. I love that it has no scent and I have yellow undertones so I don’t mind the tint. I cannot use drugstore sunscreen, because it breaks me out. Clinique is a brand that I like and all of their skincare has been agreeable to my skin. I thought that I would give them a chance and it really wasn’t that expensive compared to other brands. I need the protection especially in the Summer, if I really like it, I’ll keep buying it to use it in the Winter time, too.

Barre To Bar Supergoop! Beauty Set

I bought this little sunscreen set for $25 and it was worth every penny. I got the Lip & Cheek tint that I’m on the fence about. It might be a little too red for me. We will see…. I’m excited to try my first setting spray! I hope it works, because I can see myself repurchasing this over the Clinique. If I can just spray over my face and my makeup still looks nice, I would use this instead of a traditional SPF product. I can see it working well to use on Dean as well, for facial application. I wanted to try the serum as a different form off sunscreen with some added benefits. I don’t like traditional sunscreen on my face. I’m trying to find safe alternatives that aren’t too expensive. The BB cream is a good match for me right now and was just an added bonus to this little kit. I have two BB creams that are too dark to wear in public right now, so now I have on to wear out. I think I got my money’s worth with this kit. Hopefully, the products work enough for me to repurchase something. It has to be really good for me to repurchase.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser

I bought this as a back up cleanser for when my GlamGlow runs out, which I cannot tell when. You cannot see through the packaging. This is a cult favorite product that I wanted to try out and if I don’t like it, I can always use it to wash my brushes. I bought this for $7 for 3 ozs. It is a good size to try out and I am excited to do so. I don’t mind having a little back stock of skin care as long as it’s reasonable. Skincare is something that I naturally just go through, because I do many steps every night to deep clean my skin. I really enjoy doing it after a long day. It’s something I’m never really lazy with. I haven’t liked anything from Philosophy before and I think it’s a little overrated as a brand.

Free Deluxe Samples

Origins is a brand that I have tried once or twice, so when I saw that Sephora had this duo as a free deluxe sized sample, I ordered it. I ran out of my day eye cream, so I thought that it would be nice to try out. After I use up the eye cream, I plan on using the face cream as an eye cream as well. They both have a very light scent that I don’t mind. This will last me awhile using these items as eye creams.

Sephora Free Birthday Gift

I chose the free birthday set from Tarte, which includes an amazonian clay 12 hour blush in paaarty and a tarteist creamy matte lip paint in birthday suit. I have been wanting to try Tarte out forever, so I thought that this would be a nice way to try out the brand with a couple of their best selling items. These nude colors speak to me and I’m excited to wear them. I also think that these are really generous sizes for a free birthday gift. Sephora’s birthday gifts are just getting so much better!

That concludes my birthday haul from Sephora. I still have my birthday present from D to haul and my purchase from The Ordinary when it decides to come in. They are having such high demands right now that shipping and processing of the items are being delayed. I won’t be buying from Sephora again until possibly the November sale or maybe a small haul in October if I need a few things before then.

With Love ❤



19 thoughts on “Sephora Birthday Haul”

    1. Thank you! I’m very into my skin care and I have hauled enough makeup already. LOL. It was my 25th this year. Thanks for reading and commenting! It made my day.

  1. Ooh you ended up buying the super goop set! I’ve been trying to be better about using sunscreen too. I have a couple samples left but I also bought one for my face this month and it was my one big beauty purchase this month. I feel like now is the time to start being more vigilant about it to prevent aging. We’re young but not that young and I don’t want my skin to age prematurely because I couldn’t bother with one extra step that takes less than a minute.

    1. What did you buy? Yes, I bought the set. It’s a good mix of stuff for the price. I haven’t really tried anything yet, but I will be using them. I know! I need to be better about sunscreen too and not just in the summer.

      1. It is the Glossier invisible shield sunscreen. It’s their newest product, and it is sort of gel like. It is not supposed to leave on sort of white cast or streaking regardless of skin tone. I haven’t actually opened it yet because I’m currently using up the last few uses of one of my samples.

      2. I’ve tried a couple of their products and like them. I’ve used a couple samples of their priming moisturizer and I’ve liked it a lot. Ive also tried one of their highlighters and a lip stain. I like it all. If you ever decide to try it though I think i have a coupon code you can use if I give you my referral link. It used to be easier to find their coupon codes in a google search but they seem to be cracking down on it.

      3. I was referring mostly to beauty. I usually don’t feel bad about buying clothes, even if they’re a little pricey, as long as it’s something I love and know I will wear a lot. Just beauty, and books, and dvds.

      4. LOL. Sometimes, I don’t get as much wear out of clothes as I would like. I’m careful from now on buying clothes. I make sure that I would wear them at work and in life. I make sure it’s something that I love, that looks good on me, and is practicable for my life. I was holding onto so much clothes in hopes that they would fit again once I lost weight. Now, I just buy what I feel good in and have decluttered most of my clothing. I only kept smaller sizes that I loved for if and when.

      5. That is probably for the best! Holding on to older clothes can just make you feel bad about yourself. I seem to generally be in the same size for everything since college started, except jeans. But I hate jeans so I don’t really miss them. No matter what size they’ve always been uncomfortable.

      6. I bought jeggings! Jeans don’t fit my body shape anymore. They are too uncomfortable now. They either squeeze my thighs or are super loose at the waist.

      7. Those will probably be more comfy!! Regular jeans can be hard to shop for. Most of the jeans I have are from Old Navy in the “boyfriend” cut. Whenever I’m at savers or the salvation army and find a pair thats gently used in my size I pick them up because they’re usually around $5 instead of $30. I have 5 or 6 pairs now, which is enough. But I like them because they’re slightly baggy in the legs, but are supposed to be so it doesn’t look weird.

      8. I stop by at the SA when I go to the doctor’s. I will search for pants. I have some in smaller sizes that I loved and all my maternity pants! I’m going in July so maybe they will have something. The two pairs I bought from clothes were a little less than $20 each.

      9. that is not bad for new pants. that generally seems to be the standard price there, at least when things are marked down. i could never imagine spending more than 30-35 on pants, i think that’s my cutoff point, i don’t know how people can shell out hundreds.

      10. I think the most I’ve ever spent is on Victoria’s Secret yoga pants, but I also feel like they’ve been well worn. My oldest pair is 4-5 years old, I would wear them once or even twice a week at some points, especially during undergrad, and they’re only starting to wear out now. I wouldn’t feel bad buying more because they’ve lasted so long.

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