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May Empties

I have a whole lot of empties this month that my basket was overflowing. I had to photograph everything and start this post in mid-May. That is how many empties I have this month. I actually even cut May a few days short. I’m writing this on May 28th, because the basket filled up good again. It’s close enough to the end of May and it will just give a little bit of a boost to June. Although, I don’t have anything really close to being empty yet, which is why I just decided to do my count today.

1.2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Gerber Lil’ Beanies


10. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol 3-in-1 in Blueberry Bark


11. Tresemme Curl Moisturizing Shampoo


12. 13. International Delight Coffee Creamer


14. 15. Softsoap Coconut Butter Body Scrub


16. Mott’s Medleys Fruit Flavored Snacks


17. Jimmy Dean Stuffed Hash Browns in Bacon & Veggies


18. Parent’s Choice Toddler Cookies in Bananafood

19. Bath & Body Works Dancing Waters Body Lotion


20. Ecowix Candle in Ocean Breeze

21. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask


22. Lush Snow Fairy Body Wash


23. Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor Head 4 pack


24. New England EyeOpener Coffee Blend


25. Cover Girl Loose Powder in Translucent Fair

26. Marc Anthony Beach Spray


27. Nicole by OPI Roughles Nail Polish in On What Grounds?

nail polish

28. Teething Toothbrush


29. Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Paw Patrol Themed


30. Wen Sweet Almond Mint Styling Creme


31. Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap


32. Equate Acetaminophen


33. Nuk Tooth & Gum Cleanser


34. Cotton Rounds 100 ct

35. Scented Secrets Vanilla Sugar Body Lotion


36. Clarisonic Acne Brush Head


37. Maybelline Dream Velvet Gel-Whipped Foundation


38. Avene Intensive Cream


39. 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream


40. BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Moxie

41. Goodie Hair Tie


42. Versace Eros Perfume Sample


43. Stilla Lip Glaze in Sparkling Grape

44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens and Sharpie


I think 51 empties is enough for one month. I’m happy ending it here early. This was such a heavy month. I look forward to seeing what I can accomplish next month. You’ll be seeing plenty of reviews for the next few months to come. I’m behind in my product reviews. I have so many prewritten on paper for my blog. I probably have 50 reviews right now, waiting to be featured. I continue to write them throughout the month as well on paper. I tend to review around 40 items a month on paper, but there is not that many days in a month. Naturally, I got behind. I hope you don’t mind seeing reviews 5 days a week and my more unique posts on the weekends/holidays.

With Love ā¤



28 thoughts on “May Empties”

    1. He learned a new word. Baboon. He also signs a little now. He’s getting there, but now we know when he’s hungry or thirsty. We used to think he was just scrappy. Now, he signs when he’s hungry or thirsty and doesn’t get to that crabby state. Yes! He loves those snacks. I’m trying to get him to eat less of them and more real food. I don’t have any empty cans yet.

      1. Not that I know of. I’m taking him to the doctor’s next week. Calling them Monday for an appointment. I finally figured out why he’s having a hard time talking, drinking from a sippy, keeping food in his mouth, being gassy, it all comes from his upper lip tie. He has a big gap between his front teeth and a thick piece of skin anchored there. Everyone has a tie from their upper lip to their gums, but his is not normal. I want to get a referral to a speech pathologist and see if we can get surgery done on his mouth. It can lead to deformity of the tongue, gums, and jaws. I’m kicking myself from not picking up on it. The lactation consultant told me he had a lip tie, but his doctor just dismissed it. Not dismissing it now, Dean went to the dentist and she expressed concern over it. I’m just hating myself that I blamed over reason for his language delay. His mouth physically cannot move enough to be coherent.

      2. Well it’s not the most common place to look in a baby’s mouth so it seems like it would have been easy to miss. At least you noticed it now, it would be harder to fix if he was older. Hopefully if he can have surgery on it, it will be quick. šŸ™‚

      3. He has a tongue tie too. He has the tattle tale heart shaped tongue. It just angers me that my concerns were dismissed and all the signs were ignored.

      4. I think that doctors aren’t really trained on this subject. It’s more of a pediatric dentist speciality. Getting them lasered requires no anesthesia just numbing gel, a shot of something like nova can, and laughing gas. It’s a 10 minute procedure but the actual laser cutting takes up to 30 seconds. It sauderizes the cut so their is virtually no blood and no cut to really heal. It’s $650 without insurance but Dean has insurance so it will cost me nothing as long as they tell the insurance that it is for speech and feeding issues and not cosmetic.

      5. At least it’s not a super invasive surgery and sounds relatively simple to correct. I can’t imagine them trying to call it cosmetic if it’s affecting his ability to eat and drink?

      6. If he goes to a dentist, it is considered cosmetic. I actually got him an appointment in a month at a place up in Boston that specializes in oral deformities. I’m excited to get him some help soon. The pediatrician wasn’t his normal one and she totally dismissed my concerns.she had no clue what a lip or tongue tie was! She got him an appointment in three months. I got him in exactly 30 days because that’s how he falls on the severity chart. Not immediate but urgent. Apparently the pediatrician didn’t know about that and just down played everything. The joke is on them the next time they see him and he’s already been evaluated and or had the surgery.

      7. that’s soon! it’s nice that you were able to get in that quickly. do pediatricians usually check inside mouths? maybe that’s why they didn’t think much of your questions. but they still should have given you a referral sooner.

      8. I’m celebrating his half birthday and using his birthday money (from 1 years old) to buy him some flashcards, thick, big crayons,various block puzzle, and other learning toys and tools. My land lady has a desk and chair for him, so I’m trying to make room for it.

      9. Is it one of those plastic ones? That will be nice :). Also are you doing anything the 24th? (Not this Saturday but next). I was wondering if you would like to hang out, if not then some other weekend in the next couple of weeks.

      10. Can it be the weekend after? You can come swim in the pool. šŸ™‚ We all have hair appointments on the 24th starting at 11. Dean loves the trampoline, too.

      11. Alright! Sounds good. I need to buy a computer mouse for my laptop because the touch pad isn’t reliable anymore. Hence, why I haven’t been blogging as much. It’s because I literally can’t when the touch pad doesn’t want to work. It sucks. I plan on buying a new laptop next year though. Something around $300 to $400 which is what I can afford to get. In two years, I have to get a basic tower for Dean to be home schooled. That starts in four years but I need it a year before then to teach my dad how to use it.

      12. I don’t know if you have a five below near you but if you do they have computer mouse’s for $5. Were still in the process of trying to pick one out for Beth. Do they still make desktop computers? I don’t see them anymore.

      13. Yes, they do. My company is full of them. Lol. There is a five below in Killingly at that new mall. I’ll try there first. Thanks! My work just paid $260 for a 27 inch computer monitor replacement for me. I’ll have it in a few weeks!!!!

      14. That’s where I always am! Most of the stores have been there for about a decade now. Lol. The Salvation Army is right down the street from there, as is the Kohl’s. Is that for at work? That sounds awfully big. Is it a mac or something?

      15. Yes and I can have many programs up at once on that screen. I have 5 legacy programs, email, CRM, web browser, and word up on my computer at a time. Oh, and the pdf file that I’m working off of. Then, the many tabs in my web browser and the two tabs in my email. I’m just working through a lot of programs at once.

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