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Lippie Stix

For ColorPOP Lippie Stix in Bound (Glossy)

This lipstick dried down true to color, but when you first apply it, it is a bright Barbie pink. Barbie pink is not flattering on my lips, even when I do have a tan. I used this up around the house, because I love the formula. When it dries down, it is a dusty rose color. I would love to have one in a more nude color. I will repurchase once I use up more of my collection. I cannot justify a makeup purchase if I do not use up what I have, even though I do not have that much. I love using up items and the high that comes with it is fantastic. I like the ColorPop brand and I think it is cruelty-free. I want to try to purchase cruelty-free whenever I can.

With Love ❤



6 thoughts on “Lippie Stix”

  1. I like the formula of these as well, and they’re a good value. I think this color is classified as a nude on their website which is weird because it’s not? It seems kind of trial and error picking the colors out.

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