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For Nia 24 SPF 30 Lotion


I really enjoyed using this sample of sunscreen for the face. It didn’t break me out and I felt like it really moisturized my skin. I used it as my moisturizer and sunscreen in one. It was a great two-in-one product. I think I will try fluid sunscreen next or a serum. Traditional sunscreen doesn’t really work with my skin, tends to make me greasy, and have breakouts. It did not have a sunscreen scent, but it had an unpleasant scent. I would have preferred the scent of sunscreen over this one. This has SPF 30, but you really only need SPF 15 to protect your skin. I’m happy with SPF 30 personally, but more like 50 to 100 for my son’s new, fair skin. I want him to be as protected as possible. I even used sunscreen on him as a baby before I knew that you aren’t supposed to before six months old. This is also really expensive sunscreen.

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5 thoughts on “Sunscreen”

    1. I haven’t started using these yet. Been too cold and wet and cloudy. I wouldn’t even say I have sensitive skin and it gets irritated by most facial sunscreens.

      1. i’ve been trying to wear sunscreen every day i leave the house, even cloudy ones as the uv rays go through clouds and cause aging. i’m trying to be more vigilant about it now because i’ve only started to see the slightest affects of it.

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