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For Davines Rebalancing Shampoo


Probably the only Davines product that I really enjoyed and would repurchase if it was a brand that was readily available. It was a nice clarifying shampoo for my oily scalp and got rid of all the product build up in my hair. I have a hard time finding clarifying products that work well. I just got one in my Sephora Play box, so I am excited to try that one. Sephora is readily accessible to me, because I buy everything from makeup to skin care to hair care from there, not to mention perfumes, gifts, and household items. I love high end items that go on sale that I can buy at Sephora as well. I almost never buy things for myself during the year, so Sephora is like my one indulgence. If they carry this online, I would consider purchasing it there next time.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤


1 thought on “Rebalance”

  1. Davines seems so hit and miss with their products. One I really loved and the other I hated. I’m sort of glad Sephora Play has never sent me any. Everything of theirs I ever got was from birchbox.

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