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For Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray


I loved the scent, but it is just the same out of all the texturizers I have bought and tried. They have all been good to me. I would not repurchase this spray. It didn’t do something amazing that the others didn’t. It performed fine for a texturizer. It made my hair look tousled, but not sticky or crunchy. I really enjoyed it. The price tag is too much for a texturizing product. The drugstore ones are just as good, specifically the Tresemme texturizing or finishing spray. I forget how they word it on their product. The scent does not justify the price either. I would buy another travel sized one if it was under $10. The travel size lasts me about 3 months of use, because I don’t use it everyday after a shower.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤


12 thoughts on “Textureful”

      1. There was one lip balm from Aerin that I fell in love with. It’s $32 though. I’m going to use up all of my lip balms and then invest in that one. I like to use lip balm at night and lip stick or glosses during the day.

      2. The only product I’ve ever considered buying the full size of was the Eva NYC dry conditioner. It’s only 13 bucks, but I just have so many cans around that I don’t want to have another. I’ve been indifferent to most skin care products. I actually realized to it was the caudalie micellar water that destroyed my skin back in January, as I had a second bottle and it started happening again. Its ridiculous when you think about how expensive their products are but everyone’s skin is different.

      3. It was a little sticky and look forever to dry. I just couldn’t believe that it had given me a cystic breakout. I’ve been feeling bad about my skin for months because of it!

      4. I was going to write a blog post comparing all the micellars I sampled, but you make a point. I will probably share my review on the Sephora website as well. I think the brand is meant to appeal to other people with various kinds of rosacea as I’ve seen it in the reviews of other products, so it would definitely be worth it.

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