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Triple Action Drops

For Halls Triple Soothing Action Drops in Cherry


I’m not a huge fan of the cherry flavor, but these do their job well when you have a cold. I haven’t had a cold all last year as far as I can remember and I haven’t been sick so far this year. I buy this bag for at work for when and if I have a cold, it would be a better day with them. I went through this bag, because people around me got sick and I gave it out. I also get the random sore throat and these are good for that. Now, I have the Halls specifically for that that tastes better. I have already repurchased Halls and I will continue to purchase it in the future. Halls is the only brand I buy for this type of thing, unless it is for strep throat, I will buy the Sucrets or an off brand similar to it.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤


11 thoughts on “Triple Action Drops”

      1. I agree. One of my friends actually bought me a bag because she used up a few handfuls. So that was nice of her. I currently have none except the breezers and those are only for me unless you are my friend and I only have one I would give my breezer to. 😁

      2. I never minded sharing with you because you also in turn always shared with me. It was our other classmates who would ask but never actually bought any of their own products to offer in return that got annoying. That and they wouldn’t talk to me unless it was to ask for hand lotion or something, not like with us where we were genuinely friends.

      3. I understand. It was very annoying and comes off as self-entitled to have other people’s things. But now, high school has been over for a long time and hopefully adults are better than our teenage peers. So far at my work, it’s like a draw.

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