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$200 Before 2018 Update #3

I told you that I would be back soon with another update. The month of June was pretty pathetic to tell you the truth. I’m making more of an effort in July to use up more products. No promises though! I’m just making sure to use my makeup on a more consistent basis. Who really knows if I’ll finish anything though. I’m confident that I can get through two products that I have in mind by the end of July.

So, to recap, I have finished up 6 out of 20 products that totals $70.24 out of $200 that is my goal this year. Like I said before, this was a meager month, so it’s not going to change by that much. There was progress this month though, so that’s something!


The picture above is the month of June at a glance. I only managed to use up four products, but at least I finished them up.

Foil Sample = $1


I really enjoyed this sample and I could see buying this foundation in this shade. It’s not too yellow on me. In fact, it seems a bit more pink than other foundations that I have tried buy Maybelline. Better than the original formula for sure.

Perfume Samples = $3


I liked the Replica Beach Walk. It really did smell like the beach in a bottle. Not sure that I would purchase it though. There are more perfumes that I am excited for. The other two Oscar ones were pretty forgettable. I don’t even remember the scent on these.

Lip Balm = $4.50


I’m guessing that this is the fourth of the full size and the cheapest price that I could find was on I enjoyed using this as a lip balm during work. I wouldn’t purchase it, but I’m happy to be using the orange one now. This one was the pink one. I got both of these from Birchbox and I’m happy that I got to try both colors.

As of the end of June, I have used up 7 out of 20 products with the total adding up to $78.74 out of $200. I am proud that we are half way through the year with almost being half way done with this challenge. I look forward to seeing how much I can use up in July! Let me know if you are doing a similar challenge.

With Love ❤


11 thoughts on “$200 Before 2018 Update #3”

    1. I’m concentrating on a lip gloss mini right now at work in a peach shade. As soon as I finish that, Ill consistently use the Orange one. I really like them, you should use them more often!

      1. I keep telling myself if I want something New, I need to use up a good part of my stash first. I want to shop the 20% off in November for part of my Christmas present. I will have hit VIB by then.

      2. That is a good idea. I’ve been pretty good about not buying new makeup products this year. Not as good with skin care, but I generally use that up faster so I’m not beating myself up over it.

      3. I went skin care crazy too but like you said you really go through it. I’m trying to save myself money by not buying as much makeup except when I want to treat myself of for my birthday and Christmas.

      4. I’m gonna be due to B&BW soon. I only have two more minis and one full size shower scrub. I think it might last until my Lush haul though. If I need to buy wash at Wal-Mart, I will.

      5. They had some new products that went on sale for $7, one a mile able soap and shower jelly. I was intrigued and bought two of each. They’re both soap like products so I’ll be all set for a while on soap. They’ve made a lot of new products over the years that I’ve wanted to try but this is the first time I’ve caved and spent around $30 in a couple of years.

      6. During the sale, I’ll probably spend 50 since it would be like buying $100 since it’s buy one get one. I’m thinking about getting the shower gels and face products. I’ll get some more bath bombs on my birthday.

      7. I have bath bombs from Christmas so I don’t need anymore of those anytime soon. The items I got were more than half off, regular price $16 and I got them for $7.

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