Dean’s Half Birthday Haul

I set aside $100 for Dean’s 1st birthday. Since his birthday is the day after Christmas, I like to just buy him a cake and a card for his birthday. I saved the gifts for June 26th. He loved everything that I bought him. I bought him jumbo crayons and a jumbo Paw Patrol coloring book. I got him a plain poster board to scribble on. I also purchased a two pack of training pants that are reusable/cloth underwear. Basically, it’s the toddler version of cloth diapers, except they are pull ups. He also got a big block puzzle, flash cards to learn colors, animals, and ABCs. I bought him training pants that go under diapers to help him learn when he goes to the bathroom and asked to be changed. He got bathtub paint and I bought him carrot cake to celebrate.

I forgot about the cute owl ice pack for booboos! I also bought him a mask, since he loves to hide behind them for the 4th. His birthday lunch was grapes and cheese and yes, I shared this yummy lunch with him. Although, he did hog the cheese!

I enjoy celebrating his birthday this way. I feel like Christmas should be it’s own thing and I give him something to look forward to next year. I think he’ll appreciate it when he gets older. For his third birthday, I will be taking him to Storyland the following summer. The year after, a vacation to Maine. He’s still too young right now to appreciate birthday/vacation trips. I feel like a memory is worth more than gifts and toys. If he doesn’t like it when he gets older, I’ll tweek it a bit. For now, it is perfect. I think it’s hard for many families when a birthday lands in the same month as Christmas. Funds are tight, so  it’s nice to save his birthday for at least January when he gets older and doesn’t want to wait until summer.

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11 thoughts on “Dean’s Half Birthday Haul”

  1. I do think it will be nice for him to celebrate with extra presents later in the year, especially since he’s not at a point where he knows the different dates. From everyone else I know with bdays close to Christmas, I think it makes them feel a little neglected.

    1. By not celebrating their birthday with gifts? Or from having to share it with Christmas? I think it’s important to have your own special day for your birthday.

      1. Sharing with Christmas, this leading to potentially less in regards to birthday presents and sort of being forgotten. Meg is dec. 22 and it bothered her some, but she has a generally good attitude about it, but we’re also almost 25 so it’s not the same as being young.

      2. Good. I hope so. I’m thinking about buying him some toys he can play make believe with this year like a play vacuum, tool bench, kitchen set. Something fun for him to do instead of electronic toys, which he doesn’t even seem to like. Also coloring books.

      3. Does he gravitate more towards a certain kind of toy? I don’t know if they make tea party sets that aren’t insanely pink but that could be an idea. We used to go to swimming lessons at the local lake and Beth would always bring her tea party set (she was around 3-4 at the time) and all of the kids loved it, even a few boys. They’re not too expensive either. He might be too young for that right now though. But if he doesn’t really like electric toys it’s probably better to get something different that could teach some kind of skill or something. I don’t know if they still sell the fisher price toy vacuum with the plastic balls in it that pop up as you push it but that could be fun!

      4. YES! I hope they still sell that vaccum. He actually really likes cups and spoon and plates. That’s a good idea. If I could find a boyish tea set, I would get that. There’s nothing wrong with pouring tea and drinking it out of a fancy cup. I mean, my dad drinks tea all the time. If I could find one in white or blue, I would buy it. That’s a great idea! Thank you.

      5. I looked on amazon and they have them in primary colors (red, blue, yellow), so they definitely exist without princesses on them. They don’t seem to pricey either, about $10. Beth had a white tweety bird set but I doubt that is something that they sell anymore. Hopefully you will be able to find one!

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