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A Sweet Pea

For Body Nature Sweet Pea Moisturizing Body Wash

cream bath

I used this as a bubble bath and it gave a good amount of lightly sweet scented bubbles. I enjoyed using this for those quick 10 minute baths that I could catch during the week in between episodes of Paw Patrol. I’m lucky I shower two nights a week, because it is not easy with an 11 month old. I do enjoy sweet pea scented bath products. I forgot how gentle they are on the nose. I would not repurchase this though, because I think B&BW still makes Sweet Pea bubble bath and I have had that before. This was given to me by D and the only thing I haven’t finished yet is the lotion, but I’ll get to it! It’s currently on my desk at work, but not getting much love during the summer.

With Love,

ā¤ Selena Hannah ā¤

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