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Pan That Pallet Update #5

It is the fifth month into my Pan That Pallet Challenge for 2017, since I started a month late. I am very proud of how much I was able to use up in eye products so far this year when I only use eye products on the weekend/days off. I’m also not always consistent with that, especially during the summer. I have an pool where I live. Sundays are usually pool days as long as the weather is nice. So, I’ll probably be outside for a few hours today. The most I can get with my son is three hours. So, I’m eye shadow free today, just a liquid lip and that’s it. When it gets cooler out aka not bathing suit weather, I’ll be getting more use out of my shadows. Here’s my progress this month:

As you can see, I hit pan on Sunrise, which I knew was going to happen last month. I want to hit pan on two more shadows to call this project a success. I want to hit pan on the peachy pink Sunlight and Totally Nude. Once I hit pan on these shades, I’m going to see if I can use up one shadow completely by the end of the year. Like I said, I’ll be happy with hitting pan on two more shades. I’m still working on the creams, so far no pan but I do have some finger dips in them. I really love the mauve blush on the bottom left hand corner. It looks super natural on me unlike the middle one which is a little too pink. The middle will be great for the winter for that fresh from outside flush. I’m really enjoying this pallet and glad I’m getting use out of the shades I love.

Next year, I’m going to work on my singles and trios. I’d much rather work from an eye shadow pallet than from singles and such. I’m thinking about buying the White Chocolate Chip pallet from Too Faced during the VIB sale in November. I  might not though. I feel like I have WAY too many eye products right now. I want to just have this pallet and mascara. Once I go through all my other eye shadows, I will buy an eye shadow pallet. It’s so hard to find a good one with lighter colors though…

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18 thoughts on “Pan That Pallet Update #5”

  1. I think I heard the white chocolate chip palette was not very pigmented, unless they changed the formula or something. I had been contemplating buying it myself sometime last year but decided not to after hearing that. But good progress! I’ve taken the pictures for my empties project but haven’t written it up yet.

      1. For sure! I just saw the post today. You put a ton of items in your project. I think next year instead of project pans, pan that pallet, and my makeup challenge, I think I’m going to do a project 100 pan. It’s using up or hitting pan on 100 items. If I focus on 10 products every month, I should be able to complete it. I’m excited for that. Some thing different with a monthly update instead of keeping track of three different ones.

      2. i did it all in one because i felt it would be easier. i know there’s a lot and there’s no way i’ll get through all of it, but a lot of it is half used forgotten products that i just need to get rid of so hopefully i’ll have some success with it.

      3. That is great! I was invited to some secret deodorant one but they wanted me to buy it and I have a stock of about 4 deodorants so I didn’t bother with it. I’m still waiting on that sally Hansen prize from 2015! Lol

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