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Makeup Inventory: Lip Products

Lip products are my weakness from glosses to balms and everything in-between. I tend to gravitate towards nudes, but I do lip an unexpected pop of color and berry tones. I haven’t really counted yet to see what I have. I mean, I took the pictures, but I didn’t actively count them as I was doing so. Let’s start off with the first subcategory.

Overnight Lip Balm: 5


I have 5 overnight lip balms. The Jouer one is almost finished. I’ve been working on it for months now. I like to apply a balm before bed to nourish my lips overnight. I would like to reduce this done to 1 product in this category. I’ve found my dream overnight balm from Aerin. It’s expensive, but so very worth it. A little also goes a long way with it too. I’m also over these EOS balms. They really aren’t that moisturizing.

Lip Balms: 8


Ideally, I want to get rid of EVERYTHING in this category and just not have day balms anymore. I hardly ever reach for chapsticks or lip balms or anything in pot form. I’d much rather put on a gloss or a liquid lipstick. I want some color or shine. Lip balms don’t give enough of either for me. I want to use them all up. I will not purchase a lip balm, but if I get it in a subscription or if a friend buys me one, I will use it. I like it when my friend finds/buys me unique lip balms that I’ve never tried before. I just don’t use these enough to buy them and they aren’t what I’m looking for. I want to replace this category with lip oils. However, if I find a unique chapstick flavor like birthday cake, I will buy it. Those unique flavors are good!

B&BW Lip Glosses: 7


I didn’t realize one was Avon. LOL. I’m into more mature lip glosses now, so I’d like to get rid of this category, too. I really love these glosses, but I’m getting to old for such obvious glitter glosses. I’d rather use my MAC lip glass, which is also pigmented. I want my glosses to have pigment. These really only have high shine, but I still love them. When I use all of these up, I might buy one to keep in my collection. We will see. I’ve been working on the I’ve Been Nice one for a while now. These last forever! Half of the tubes are half to mostly used. It will still take me a while to finish these though.

Lip Glosses: 6


Everything but the MAC is either mostly used or half used up. I don’t think it’ll take me long to have only the MAC in my regular lip glosses category. I would like to add more lip glosses or lip toppers in this category that are high quality. I’m think some really nice iridescent ones from Huda beauty and take a peek at other brands as well. I really want a pretty blue gloss. The MAC one I had my eye on, sold out fast. I need a blue lip color! I think it would look really pretty on me, but a light sky kinda blue. Nothing dark.

Lipstick: 8


I really love most of these lipsticks, but I do want to go through the two lip paints and the brown stick color. I really love nudes, but that bright purple/pink makes me happy wearing it. I can totally pull it off and I love it. I’m going to work on the darker lip paint during the fall and the brown and see if I can use those two up this year.

Well, that is it for the lip collection with a total of 34 products if my counting was correct. I would like to get it done to 25 by January when I do this count again. Hopefully, I can use up 9 lip products by then. I know for sure that 3 will be done soon enough, so I’m really only looking at using up 6 by then. I’m going to concentrate on the ones that are half used up or more to reach my goal.

With Love ❤



6 thoughts on “Makeup Inventory: Lip Products”

  1. Those stupid soft lips cubes! I remember when you one time said if you ended up stranded in the middle of the ocean, that lip balm would be the first to go. Lol! I have so many of those bath and body works glosses too. They’re fine enough but I don’t see myself buying them again!

    1. Lol. Yeah, the glosses are more for teens, but Ill use them up. They last forever though. Mine are years old and aren’t expired. I don’t know why people are so anal about the expiration dates. As long as it isn’t bad, I’m going to use my stuff up.

      1. They’re still nice if you only want a clear gloss, but they’re also heavily flavored. I definitely have the ones you gave me years ago still. In the same, unless something looks or smells weird I’m going to keep it. Many of these beauty products are loaded with chemicals so I don’t see how they would go bad that quickly anyway?

      2. Lol. Ikr?! I totally forgot that I bought you some in high school until you just mentioned. I loved those glosses in high school. Probably because they were buy one get two free a lot.

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