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Makeup Inventory: Face Powders

I also have an obsession with highlighters in case you haven’t noticed. I love a good glow and am trying to find out an excuse to buy the Anastasia Aurora Glow Kit. Yeah, first world problems over here. I don’t have an overabundant amount of highlighter, so I am going to combine this category with blush. I don’t always remember to wear blush, but when I do I really enjoy it. Most mornings, I’ll only highlight or I only use blush. I mostly highlight though I try to go back and forth. In the fall, I’ll probably use blush again.

Highlighter: 12

I’d like to cut down this stash to 6 highlighters, so I intend to use up quite a few mini tubes of highlighter. I included the ones in my pallets. I don’t want to forget about them. I have a nice dip going in my Bareminerals powder highighter. I like the three highlighters in my Smashbox pallet, but they are a bit too glittery for my taste. I want to use one up next year completely. They are great to use in the summer for a really nice glow. I prefer the powder and liquid highlighters for work that are a little bit more natural and just a gleam instead of a beam.

Blushes: 12

I think I can use up two blushes if I set my mind to it by January. I don’t use a ton of blush and I don’t use it very often. I want to make more of an effort to use up my blushes. I think I can use up the Tarte blush from the Sephora birthday present this year and possibly the mini Josie Maran cheek gel. Blush isn’t something I really go out at boy, the pallets being the exception to this rule. I’m not a big blush fan, so I’m happy with only having a few on hand. I look forward to hitting pan on some of these blushes.

Bronzer: 4

The only bronzer I have is in pallet form. I want to use up these bronzers before buying anymore. All of them are really great for my fair complexion. Some of them do pull a little orange on me, but I still find them workable. I would like to hit pan on one of these by January. I am really loving the Hourglass one, so I think I might hit pan on that one. Every season, I switch out my makeup and concentrate on a new batch in my collection. I think I will breakout this pallet for the Fall. It feels very Fall to me.

I have 28 face powders that I want to use up and I forgot that the Hourglass pallet has a big face powder in it. So, I should be all set for face powder for a while. Once I use up my loose powders, I will be using this pressed one or I might just take a break in the fall and use this whole pallet for a consistent three months. I’m sure I won’t use up the whole thing in three months. I’m interested in seeing how far I get with it though.

With Love ❀



20 thoughts on “Makeup Inventory: Face Powders”

    1. Most of the little ones are like a month of use, so I’m trying to push them out a bit more. I’m enjoying liquid highlighter for Summer but I think Ill go into cream for the fall.

      1. The liquid just looks more natural and blends seamlessly into the skin. I like it better for summer, because it is very lightweight like wearing nothing at all.

      2. Huh. That’s good to hear. I was not all that impressed around this time last year which is when I ended my subscription. But generally all of the services seems to have improved with picking better curated items, at least as far as I know.

      3. The only one I’m not convinced with is Birchbox. I still think that the items aren’t that great, but Ipsy’s point system is still in place. They seem to be picking up on some nice Indy products as well. IDK. I think I want to try Ipsy next year that’s if I have a better paying job by next year. I’m looking right now within the company that I work for. Nothing has come up yet, but I’m sure something will by then. I’m willing to settle for a $19 an hour job but my goal is $20.

      4. Will the degree be finished up next month or are you only half way through it? Will that help you find something a little easier or is it just a matter of waiting? I too look forward to the day of having more money but I know it’s not the practical anytime soon.

      5. I get my degree on August 21st. The degree definitely helps as most jobs want at least an Associate’s with experience. Next year, I’m actually getting a second Associates degree as well. I’m one class away from another one after getting this one. I’m going to take a break for the rest of this year and read and possibly finish my book. Deep clean the house. I actually have a home visit this Friday for a consult on early intervention for Dean and the Friday after is his assessment where a group of three women is coming to the house to play with him and see what his needs are. I have to call back in October for the neurologist appointment. They are currently all backed up even though he’s a priority case.

      6. It will be nice to have both and to have that be over and done with. Hopefully the visits go well! It can take quite a while to get doctors appointments sometimes but at least October isn’t that far away.

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