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August Sephora Play!

I am extremely happy with this month’s Sephora Play box. I feel like the subscription just got better and I got products in my shade. They actually took my skin tone in mind and chose a perfect match. this leads me to believe that Sephora Play is getting more personalized or at least they are looking at what you put as your skin tone to give you a decent match when they send out foundation or concealer samples. The theme this month is The Innovators, but I don’t think that any of the stuff that I got is really cutting edge beauty. I would just say that they are popular brands.

Apparently, the brand Makeup Geek is very upset that Sephora used that phrase on their bags. I guess, they weren’t really thinking, now were they? I didn’t even think of that brand though, when I saw the bag. I mean, it’s just a saying. Maybe they should have said Makeup Junkie. I don’t know people get so worked up over these things.

BeautyBlender Micro.Mini for $9

I’m happy to give this mini sponge a try. I’ll probably use it to bake under my eyes. Honestly though, I could have done without it. I’m not crazy about Beautyblenders. I bought one in the beginning, but I wasn’t really impressed. It fell apart on me by month 3 and I didn’t want to spend a twenty to get another. I will use this for my concealer and baking under my eyes though. It might be very useful for that or be too small and be a pain. I’m happy to try it though. Also, this little sponge almost makes up for the whole value of this box. That’s one expensive sponge!

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick in Shell, 0.04 oz for $7.66

I am so exited to try the new Hourglass foundation stick. It has been years since I have used a foundation stick. Like 10 years ago long. This seems to be a really good color match for when I lose my summer tan. I only tanned a couple of shades from being outside so much this summer with Dean. I’ll probably be more tan next year when he can last longer in the sun. Although, there is not a ton of product in here, it is enough to try and see if I would like to purchase it as I am in the market for a foundation. Although, the full size of this is only a quarter of an ounce.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue 1.5 ml for $2.28

This perfume isn’t sweet enough for my taste, but I will use up the sample. I wouldn’t purchase it though. I wish I got the Kat Von D ones, but it’s a free sample.

Kat Von D Lock It Concealer Creme in Light 3 Warm, 0.065 oz for $7.59

I have two concealers opened right now, so I’m not going to open this one until I use up my Nars one. I use my Nars one during the work week and my Smashbox one on the weekend. I haven’t worn any eye makeup for the past two weeks. I just haven’t felt like it, since we’ve been going swimming a lot. I’m happy that I got this concealer, because I want to try something that is fuller coverage. What I have doesn’t cover my veins under my eyes. Hopefully, I’ll be able to crack into this early next year.

Caviar Anti-Aging Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist, 1.4 fl for $9


I am always willing to try something to give my fine, limp hair some volume without weighing it down or making it look greasy. It says you have to blow dry after using it. If it doesn’t work without blow drying, then I’ll just use this to smooth my flyaways when I’m doing a bun or ponytail. I haven’t found anything that works to give my hair volume yet. I will be so happy if it works. I only blow dry my hair in the Winter time. Maybe, I’ll save it for then and give it the old college try.

Lancer The Method: Polish, 0.5 oz for $5.93 (based on the 8 oz)


The pamphlet states that this contains pumpkin! I love pumpkin! I want to try pumpkin everything. This sounds similar to the PTR pumpkin enzyme mask. I cannot wait to try it. I’ll currently using a Biore exfoliater in my shower right now, but when that’s done, I will use this one. I cannot wait to see if it smells like pumpkin pie. It is really expensive though. I don’t think I would ever purchase this. I’m more liking to get the PTR, but since they are not cruelty free, I need to find other options.

The total value of my box is $41.46 including the perfume sample. That is 4 times the value! I am so happy with this price point and the items seem more generous this time around as well. I am keeping this subscription for sure. I want to try a face mask subscription. Does anyone know any good ones?

Also, I’ve been deleting pictures off of my blog again. I try to delete old pictures and usually nothing from this year. WordPress doesn’t give you a whole lot of free space. Next year, I’ll probably will deleted everything older than 2017 besides my animal pictures. I use those a lot.

With Love,



17 thoughts on “August Sephora Play!”

      1. I got the same perfume, volume spray, foundation stick, and beauty blender. The other two items were a double ended Clinique Mascara and Mascara Primer, and a shimmery face cream like the glam glow one. It’s by erborian which is Korean I guess.

      2. i agree, but i seemed to get a lot of make up products.i get that the game was make up geek, but i saw others get non make up items hat looked really nice. i’m hoping he september box will be more in line with my taste.

      3. I’m happy with two makeup samples, a beauty tool, a skin care, and a hair care sample. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than 2 beauty pieces in my box. Maybe take makeup off of your profile?

      4. That’s good! I have my degreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      5. Lol. Yeah, until next year. When I go for number 2. For now, I want to read, watch tv, and do some projects around the house. I’m thinking about getting a second Associates in Risk Management. It’s five courses. I’d do three one year and two the next or vice versa.

      6. I get that. It’s nice to have a little extra time to do those kinds of things but also spend time with Dean and stuff. The one you just finished was 3 courses right?

      7. Yup. It was and I’m shadowing my “future” position soon. I have to ask about it tomorrow. On another note, Dean had his evaluation and failed every part. His lowest score was a 55 in communication. Normal range is 85 to 115. He is more than 30% delayed in every category. They also think his ties have to do with why he doesn’t talk, eats funny, and is still on the bottle. So, they are gathering up names of pediatric dentists to see if any of them will perform the lasering treatment. Dean might also be deaf. He failed their hearing test, so I have to take him to a real hearing test which is more conclusive. I might have to go out to Boston again for that. They said he could have fluid in his ears or partially deaf. They said he had some red flags for autism and his ears could be fine and he’s just autistic. I tell myself one step at a time and I love him no matter what. Ill just have to learn sign language like Bay did.

      8. well that will be good! hopefully there will be some level of pay raise involved in that? At least the tests gave you some level of answers, and you will be able to maybe be able to get the tongue tie taken care of earlier than expected. it seems scary but it will all eventually work out. it will be great to have real definite answers so you can know what to plan for. and i’m always here to listen if you need me. 🙂

      9. Thanks! Yup, I’m looking at doubling my yearly salary with this job. I have a hearing appointment set for Sept 6th and his consultation for the ties on Sept 25th. I found a pediatric dentist willing to do it. They just give him a drink with a minor sedative to make him fall asleep kinda like a sleeping pill. Looking forward to hopefully getting those ties cut this year. So excited. I’m more nervous about the hearing test now. I should get my own hearing test. I haven’t been hearing well in my right ear since the ear infection I had when I was 18 and couldn’t hear for 2 weeks. You were like why aren’t you answering me. Lol.

      10. That will be great! The money i mean. Hopefully you will have some success with both doctors. You probably should have had your hearing checked years ago if it’s been off this whole time. that was around 7 years ago! they probably won’t test you both at the same time though.

      11. 😦 strange that it’s more noticeable s. hopefully they can give you something, though i know hearing aids are hard to get. my parents insurance wouldn’t cover one for my mom.

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