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$200 Before 2018 Update #4

I feel like I used up quite a bit in July and so far, I feel like August hasn’t been as successful. We shall see next month. But this update is a big deal for me. I finished a ton of perfume samples and I am still steadily going through them. I’m using up all of my sprayer samples first and then going onto the dabbing ones. I finished up 4 deluxe sized makeup products as well. It’s very hard to go through a lot of makeup, so I’m very happy with the results that I see here. So at the end of June, I used up 7 out of 20 products with the total adding up to $78.74 out of $200. Let’s see what I can add to that.

Perfume samples: 5 = $5


I enjoyed how sweet the Brittany Spears Midnight Fantasy is. I would pick that one up if I came across it as Marshalls, but I’m on a no perfume buy. It is so crisp and fresh and sweet like candy. I just love it. If I see a bottle at Walmart, I might just have to buy it. The rest of the samples were okay, but nothing that I would purchase for myself. There were no scents that I couldn’t wear. I just didn’t care for them.

Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer Conditioning Lip Treatment = $8


I liked using this as a night time treatment, but I would not purchase it. It felt grainy if I got it on my teeth and I don’t like that sensation. This lasted me forever! I already found my dream night time lip balm, so I’m just trying to use up my balms.

Model Co Lip Lacquer in Viva = $6


I really enjoyed using this and the peachy color pay off. I took out the stopper and used up every last drop. I would not purchase this, but I am glad to have moved it out of my collection. I’d much rather buy a lip oil. I thought that I wouldn’t like this though and I did. It had a lot of pigment for a gloss and I used this up at work so very appropriate.

Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm = $7.20


I am considering buying this in the full size. I want to use up the rest of my primers first, but when I get down to 1, I really want to buy this. It was very moisturizing and gave my skin a nice glow. I used this mostly on its own and my skin looked flawless with this on. I got a lot of compliments on my skin when wearing this. I need to use up what I have first though. I’ll revisit this next year.

DERMAdoctor DD Cream = $8.76


This was WAY too dark to use on my face, so I used this on my legs when I wore a skirt to work. My legs looked tanned and toned. It was too dark for my face, but not only that, it was too greasy as well. I’m glad that I used it up and it’s gone. I need to do this with the rest of the creams that I bought/received that are way too dark for my face. It also didn’t moisturize my legs very well. I cut it with some body lotion to help with that.

Okay, I am pretty impressed with the monetary value that I used up in July. I have used up 11 out of 20 makeup items with the total being $113.70 out of $200. I am over halfway there now! I really think that I have a chance at completing this project. Next year, instead of project pans and this series, I will be doing a Finish 100 by 2019 and monthly makeup bags. This series is going so well that I want to pull in all of my other categories like hair and skin care for next year. The makeup bags will be fun, too. Every month, I’ll focus on different items to use up.

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31 thoughts on “$200 Before 2018 Update #4”

  1. Way to go! That’s a lot of stuff. I’ve been going through a couple of my perfumes that don’t have a sprayer and I’ve found the easiest way to apply (thus far) is to use a q tip. It’s less messy than using your hands, and generally a q tip fits in the little tube easily. I also just reuse the same q tip a couple times because they absorb the scent.

    1. That’s a great idea! I will be using that when I run out of my sprayer ones. I still have 1 or 2 left to go through and I’ve been layering them on top of my B&BW White Citrus perfume. Thanks! I’ve made it my mission to use up these makeup products and I feel like lip products are the easiest for me to use up, especially if I remember to use them!

      1. Maybe it’s because you use a little more of a lip product, plus reapplication which most wouldn’t do with their entire face during the day. I agree though. Eye shadows and things last forever.

      2. In 2018, I’m concentrating on my mini eye shadow things. I want to at least move out 1 trio and use it all up. I like having an eye shadow pallet to work from. I never reach for any of my singles, duos, or trios.

      3. I always forget about singles too, which is sad because I have some nice ones! I have two different pretty urban decay singles that were Birthday freebies, one from Ulta and the other from urban I think one is midnight cowboy and the other the midnight cowboy rides again or something like that. That reminds me, if you aren’t signed up for urban decay rewards through their website (it’s free,) they have free shipping with all orders and a free full sized eyeshadow single of your choice as bday freebie.

      4. I seem to have developed an allergy to some ingredient in lip products. I haven’t found the common ingredient yet but many products have been making me feel chapped but theirs don’t. It’s annoying because It takes for ever to return to a normal state.

      5. So, have you been decluttering your lip collection then? Are you getting rid of the ones that make you chapped? I only had one Bath and Body works gloss that did that to me and it was due to the peppermint oil in them.

      6. I haven’t because I haven’t found the common ingredient! No peppermint oil in any of them though so that’s not it. I’m leaning towards a more chemically based ingredient. And I haven’t tossed them because I keep hoping that they won’t irritate me. It’s hard because some items don’t have ingredients on the label. My skin has been so finicky about what can and can’t go on it lately. My face is peeling, I suspect from my benzoyl peroxide wash so I guess I’ll have to use that less frequently. I suspect there may be a root problem for all of this but I have no clue what.

      7. It was like this before I started using the benzoyl peroxide wash though. I only started with it a few times a week back in June and this has been going on longer. It’s annoying but once I can find the common ingredient at least I’ll know not to buy products with it in it anymore.

      8. That sucks though. I’m trying to get through a mini Mark lip gloss and it has mint in it. It makes my lips tingling. If I see any reaction, I will declutter them. I’ve had them a long time.

      9. Lol. That’s so funny. But it wouldn’t surprise me that I would have broken up a gift set. I do that a lot. I think it even came with a key chain and a little bag.

      10. Yep. Pretty much! Lol. Also, should I bring anything tomorrow? Is your AC still on? And should I bother bringing my swim suit? It’s been so cold lately I’m not sure how warm a pool would be. Let me know!

      11. Yup, our AC is still on but not as high. Are you driving here? Gas is 2.70 which means we can’t pick you up. I put away $100 away on gas for 2 weeks until my next pay check and I already only have $75 left for two weeks of work plus appointments. Sorry, about that, I could have done it easily if gas was still under 2.50. Hopefully, it doesn’t go up higher. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, so we could try the pool and see if it’s too chilly.

      12. It shouldn’t be a problem for me to drive myself. I’ll probably try to get there around 10:30/11. Ok, I will dress/ bring swimsuit accordingly. I won’t bring a movie unless you really want me to?

      13. Yeah, bring a movie! We might not be able to watch the whole thing, but that’s okay. 🙂 Hmm….What should you bring??? Hmmm…. You know what I haven’t seen in a while? That Amanda Bynes movie…What a Girl Wants. Not sure if you have that one, but maybe another movie like that? YAY! Excited that you are coming over. I’ll have to clean up a bit like shove everything into my closet and not open it. 🙂

      14. I do because I replaced my copy! You may remember me mentioning the disc stopped working halfway through the last time I watched it. It’s a double pack with the Mandy Moore movie chasing liberty, and either would be fine. Idk if you’ve seen that one. I also have recently acquired some DVD copies of Mary Kate and Ashley movies, idk if you would be interested in watching any of those. Before I only had their New York movie on DVD, but I have 5 others now.

      15. Most movies really? I have a lot of dvds but very little outside of late 90s- early 2000s teen movies. Mandy Moore plays the presidents daughter in chasing liberty. It’s similar to first daughter, which had Katie Holmes in it.

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