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August Reads

I only managed to read one book after finishing my Associates degree. I have already finished reading a book in September. I’m hoping to read at least four books this month. I really missed reading books for entertainment. This past year, I’ve been focused on my degree and it didn’t leave much time to read for fun. Now, I’m going to be able to read for fun, at least for the next two months. I’m still debating on WHEN I should start the next course for my next degree, which is only 2 courses long. I’m really looking forward to reading some books that I have wanted to read for a very long time.

Shopaholic Ties the Knot (Shopaholic, #3)Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I am tired of this series. I need a break. Yes, it was a good story and yes, it wasn’t EXACTLY like the previous two books. Her spending habits take a backstage to her wedding debacle. But….Yes, there is a but. It really is the same story rehashed with different players and an altered focus on the story line. We still see Becky make the wrong decisions. For every step forward that she makes in a previous book, she takes a mile back in the next. It is almost like she starts over with zero progression. It was worse between the first and the second book. I don’t think between the 2nd and the 3rd is as bad. It’s like the author is cashing in on writing the same story over again. That’s why I think that I need to take a break from the series. I’m not enjoying it as much anymore. I need to revisit it at a later time and see if I still feel the same about it. If you have loved the previous two books, then you will love this one, because you won’t understand where I’m coming from. Don’t let my review stop you from reading it. If you agree the same with me, then you understand my frustration with the author. I love the characters. I just want to see Becky grow and continue to grow instead of always taking a step back. She needs a new adventure w/o the problems of her being very materialistic. What about a baby problem? Or something along those lines. I need something new in the next book to keep me reading, but for now, I’m not reading the next one for quite some time. Maybe next year.

This is the one book that I was able to read in August during my lunch breaks at work. I call home to check on Dean and then I read for the remaining 30 minutes. I love reading and didn’t realize how much I missed it until I started reading for fun again. I have plans on reading at least 2 kindle books off of my e-reader this month in addition to the four regular books that I want to read. I will always buy physical books in addition to digital books. There is just something about a solid book and that nice smell to them.

With Love ❤



19 thoughts on “August Reads”

  1. This seems to be the general complaint about the shopaholic series. Book 5 is titled shopaholic and baby so the baby thing does happen eventually. Whenever you decide to continue it I have them all I think?

      1. it hasn’t been the biggest priority. i always figured i would just get to them eventually. you’re free to borrow any of her other books or any of mine whenever you want. me and beth are finally in separate rooms so my books are now more browseable and organized.

      2. the same one that has been there for 20 years! lol. my parents are very indecisive about these things, and there were several other contributing factors regarding the amount of time it took to get in there. they finally just said go ahead and we moved all the furniture when they went on vacation a few weeks ago.

      3. It was all three of us in the same room until Evan left out. They gave Joanna the room after that because she used to be jealous of Beth for getting attention as she was the baby. That is true though. Even though we’re in separate rooms we each spend a decent amount of time in the others room. I’m just glad I can have lots of book space now. And a chair for my desk.

      4. Well, I’m glad you’re both happy about it now you can have separate studying space. I’m going to be getting a desk for my room soon for studying and I’m looking into getting my BA but not sure yet.

      5. It’s definitely worth it but also very time consuming, but you already have a number of credits so that would probably help. i got my desk from ikea, but walmart probably has cheaper ones. it’s a nice size though.

      6. I’m getting Dean toys for Christmas obviously but I’m making his room Paw Patrol themed. I’m buying him the toy organizer, the bed in due time, there a desk, and bedding set. There is so much themed items. I’m going to buy them slowly over time but I never had a nursery. It’s kinda like a delayed one. He’s going to love that show for a long time. I know 12 year olds that love it. It’s worth it to see him smile. I bought him a body pillow and when he saw the dogs on them, his face lit up.

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