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August Empties

Well, better late than never, huh? I was busy over Labor Day weekend and it didn’t leave much time for blogging. I’ve been trying to get a lot of posts scheduled to go up this weekend and next week. There are so many posts that I want to write, plus a lot of products are piling up in my basket to review. I have a very busy end of year for me. There are so many appointments for Dean to go to and my dad is having foot surgery at the end of the year. I’m going to get in as much blogging as I can, because I might be off and one at the end of the year. I’m taking time off to take care of my dad and Dean, because he won’t be able to take care of Dean for a bit. This is such a busy year for me. Also, it has been the most productive year as well.

I decided to sign up for the next Insurance course to get an Associates degree in Insurance Data Analytics. I’ll be getting my books in a couple of weeks. I might be blogging less. I’m going to take the exam sometime in Jan to March, which is my exam window and I get to chose the day and time to take it. Two Associates degrees kinda equal 1 BA degree right? I didn’t get to interview for that job, strictly on the basis of no BA. Talk about discrimination in the workforce.

I basically felt degraded by the HR manager that talked to me about having no degree and once I told her that I had an Associates degree (in the job description it said you could have an Associates with 4 to 6 years of documented work HISTORY, not specific work experience), she said I needed a BA and work experience to get this job. Quote: “You don’t go from down here to up here. Do you understand?” Oh, I understood perfectly. You just didn’t want to give me a chance to prove that you don’t need a formal education to work in IT.

But, let’s get to my empties post.

6. Gerber lil’ Beannies


8. International Delight Coffee Creamer


9. Boston’s Best Breakfast Blend Coffee


10. New England Coffee Colombian Supremo


11. Dunkin’ Donuts Dunkin’ Dark Coffee


12. Garnier Micellar Mattifying Cleansing Water


13. Dial Spring Water Antibacterial Hand Soap


14. Swisspers Cotton Rounds


15. Lab Series Daily Moisture Defense Lotion


16. Davines Natualtech Repluming Hair Filler


17. Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain in Orange


18. Ice Breakers Cool Blasts Wintergreen Chews


19. Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque


20. Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser


21. FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer


22. Palmer’s Luminous Hydration Facial Oil

face oil

24. Perfume Samples: Chloe & Oscar Delarenta


Not as many empties this month, but still quite a bit. I already have quite a few for September, so I think I will have more empties for this month. I am glad to be using up more of my collection. Eventually, I would like to buy some new stuff that I have been DYING to try. I’m really trying not to be a hoarder and to use and enjoy what I have. I think I have been very successful, despite splurging for my birthday and tax money treat. I need to treat myself sometimes, right? I’ll be treating myself to clip in hair extensions soon enough. I’m embracing my darker, natural hair color. No more bleach. No more blonde. Just…

With Love,



10 thoughts on “August Empties”

  1. Sorry about the interview. This woman sounds like she handled herself very poorly. I understand not meeting the job requirements, but she sounds like she was straight up rude and condescending about it.

    1. YES! Especially since in the job description it said that I could have an Associates degree and I had the minimum of working history. My supervisor couldn’t figure out how I DIDN’T meet the requirements.

      1. That is super strange. Though maybe for the best as you may have had to work with her and she sounds fairly unpleasant? I’m sure the next opportunity is right around the corner. 🙂

      2. Nope. She’s the HR manager. She wouldn’t let my bid go in to get the interview with the supervisor. She had been “going back and forth on the bid for a week” apparently. Why was she debating if I didn’t qualify? I’m still quite bitter about it. I contacted an HR recruiter to see where I should go from here because I need a better paying job.

      3. I talked to a recruiter and we are working on a plan to get a job that will get me the experience that I need to trump a ba degree. She says I’m a great employee and they don’t want to lose me. She was really nice and actually cared. I’m excited again.

      4. That will be good. But I agree if they were smart they would figure something out for you. You’ve been there for 3 years (I think?) and as far as I know you’ve been a good employee. Far better than some others. You also have the advantage of being younger than your other coworkers who may be more or less content to stay put and aren’t actively trying to move up and don’t want to train for new different positions. Hopefully they find you something quick.

      5. You are so right. The longer I stay, the more I want to stay because of all the PTO, flexibility, and opportunities. There are always jobs opening up, you just have to wait for one that you want. I’m going to print out the job aids of the ones she recommended as long as there is no phones, Ill be fine bidding on one. A data analyst doesn’t work the phones, so I don’t want a job that has that as a big part of it. She mentioned that I have really great performance reviews and to keep it up because managers look at that as well. 3 years. I’m going to be doing a lot of job shadowing.

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