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Graduation Present From D


I wasn’t expecting my best friend in the WHOLE WORLD to get me a graduation gift for getting my Associates Degree in Information Technology. I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise, because I think I did something very similar for her when she got her BA in English or was it Library Studies? Well, Danielle is almost done with her Master’s degree in Library Science? I don’t know exactly what it’s called. She never knows the names of the courses she is taking. LOL. I thought I’d share the little gift that my best friend got for me, because I totally wasn’t expecting it and I really love it a lot.

Everything We Ever Wanted By Sara Shepard


I have been a major fan of Sara Shepard, since before Pretty Little Liars was a show on TV. Danielle got me into it with the first book. I think I have to read number 7? It’s been a long time since I have read a book by Sara Shepard and I think that it would be nice to read a story that isn’t about a certain girl group. I really hope that I like it, but knowing that I liked her other books, I think that I will really like this one as well. You might see this in my October Reads post. I’m seriously considering reading this one when I am done with two other books that I want to read in September. Has anyone else read this book? Was it good? No spoilers please, I still want to read it!

Beauty 360 Brightening Radiance Facial Mask

face mask

I love a nice brightening, moisturizing mask and this one sounds amazing. It sounds like it will be great at fading acne scarring and firming up my fine lines. I have to go through another tube of one of my open masks before cracking this one open, so it might be a while before I try this one. I have four open masks right now. I used to have 6 open masks, so that’s an improvement. I’m looking forward to the day that I can open this one up. I wonder what it smells like. I enjoy a lightly scented face mask. It’s relaxing to me. That’s it for my little “haul”. Thank you so much for the sweet gift, Danielle. I really love it and appreciate it. Your the best friend a girl could have. 🙂

With Love,



15 thoughts on “Graduation Present From D”

  1. Well I am glad you liked it! I have no idea of anything that goes on in the book. I just figured it would be good because it’s a stand alone, and knew you had already enjoyed some of pll and lying game books. It is hard to remember the names! To be fair, every time my professor emails it says the class I’m currently in is called”Multic Src & Serv Ed & Libr”. Everything is abbreviated!! Lol.

      1. I know. I love them so much. The 5th one is the last regular book though. They do have one about the misfits and another coming out in January where they go to space or something but nothing else is planned. I have book 5 and the misfits book but haven’t read them yet.

      2. That’s what I am hoping. A lot of comics “reboot” after a number of issues, even just a couple of months later. I know it’s popular online because I see other people talking about it. I think it’s one of the publishers most popular comics besides my little pony so hopefully it will happen sometime next year.

      3. I think comics today are drastically different than they were even 15-20 years ago. Even the new archie ones are completely different. There is a continuous story that carries through each issue. I didn’t know I liked them until I started getting them from the library on a whim.

      4. Yeah, the old comics were really stand alone. I remember one comic where Betty keeps dying her hair different colors because she kept borrowing Sabrina’s brush that she put a spell on to dye her hair like pink and blue and then mixed them together to get purple.

      5. I’ve never read it but it sounds like something that would happen. I found a bunch of really old ones at the Salvation Army from like the 60s but I have yet to read them. I’ll let you know how they are.

      6. Lol. Okay. I finished one of my kindle books today. That is three books so far this month. I am on a reading role. I don’t know when I’ll be taking the first class b/c the enrollment for 2018 hasn’t started yet. Hopefully, it starts soon or else, I will have to adjust my testing time frame.

      7. Now you can see why I enjoy them so much! They’re not short but they’re fast reads. I think I read 5? I’m reading a novel right now but I’m around page 30 and it’s 350+ so there is no way I’ll finish it by Sunday.

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