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Vanilla Swirl

For Calgon Vanilla Swirl Body Lotion


This smelled like sweet vanilla icing and was very moisturizing. This is the fourth body lotion that I have used up for my 20 Before 2018. This is a great scent that you can layer body spray or perfume over. It isn’t overpowering and just adds warmth to whatever you use on top of it. Danielle gave this to me as part of a gift back in high school, I believe. I’m glad that I finally finished it. It’s also pretty impressive to finish 4 body lotions in less than a month. I know I have a few more lotions from Danielle that I haven’t even opened yet. Hopefully, I will finish them in 2017. I will not repurchase, because I have too many lotions. I do recommend this one, though.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤


19 thoughts on “Vanilla Swirl”

      1. Lol. God knows that I don’t need more body spray. I like never use them. I’ve been making it a point to use them though and just layer with my perfume, as a bathroom spray, as a pillow spray, as a room spray, etc.

      2. I usually just spray them on after I shower, because the scent isn’t that intense and I’ve just made it part of a routine. But those are good ideas. I know I have some I really want to get rid of.

      3. Lol. If I’m cold out of the shower, my routine is quick. My shower tends to be 10 to 15 minutes long and then doing my face and brushing my teeth takes another 15. Sometimes I can squeeze lotioning in other times, my dad’s yelling at me that he has to use the bathroom.

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