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$200 Before 2018: Update #5

It is almost the end of September and I am just coming to you with what I managed to use up towards my goal in August. Better late than never right? I still have my Sephora Play from September to write about too. That will probably happen next weekend. Dean has been very needy lately, so it has been hard to find time to blog and prewrite posts to go up during the week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up. I think Sephora might be the only post leftover from August that I need to write. Then, I can start all of October’s posts. I finished more in September, but I still think that August was a solid month.

I was able to use up two sample perfumes, worth $2. I didn’t care for either sample and now, I don’t really have a ton of vial samples anymore. In September, I have been working on a big roller ball perfume that has a sprayer on it. It’s basically a bigger sized sample sprayer, but nicer because it’s bigger. I’m nearing the end of that one, but I don’t think I’ll be done in time for September’s update. I finished another Jane Iredale lip stain, but this time in peach. It’s a $4.50 sample that I am glad that I used up. Last, I used up a highlighty lotion that cost about $5. I liked it after I powdered my face down, but I wouldn’t go out and buy it.

Now, it’s time to see the progress for August. I managed to use up 13 out of 20 makeup items equaling $123.20 out of $200. I don’t see a whole lot of progress this pass month, but I really didn’t wear much makeup in August. I wore a bit more in September, but I should be back to glamming it up on the weekends soon. I tend to go through more makeup, when I am using it on a regular basis.

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