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I cannot tell the difference between these and Ritz crackers. I really like these and I would repurchase them. They were pretty cheap at 2 bucks a box, while the cheapest I can get the Ritz is on sale for $3. Now, I will buy the Ritz if it is on sale or if I can get the big family pack for $4, because it is nice to enjoy name brand items. Especially when it is cheaper than the off brand or a better value. Also, the MB snackers can sell out and I won’t be able to find any in the store. Then, I kinda have to buy the Ritz which happens to be on sale a lot at MB. I think people are buying the MB so much that the Ritz isn’t selling, so they have to discount the Ritz.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤


7 thoughts on “Snackers”

  1. Some generic ritz are better than others. I think the ones we usually buy are the Aldi brand, which are like $1.89 i think? Some of them are just bad but the Aldi’s ones are ok. Though i don’t think you have one near you? I don’t know.

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