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Model Co

For Model Co Lip Lacquer in Viva

Lip gloss

I ended up really enjoying this lip gloss a lot and I would be happy if I got it again. I would purchase, but I haven’t found a store that carries this brand around here. The gloss was very pigmented but easy to wear. It was more peachy than pink. I removed the stopper to get out every last drop. It probably had 5 uses after I took the stopper out and now, I get to have the satisfaction of looking at an empty see-through tube. I am happy to have another gloss out of my collection. It gets me one more closer to buying a few lip oils. Has anyone tried a lip oil? I’m interested in the Clarin’s, Too Faced, and YSL lip oils. They seem to be popular.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤


10 thoughts on “Model Co”

  1. I’ve tried one of those too faced peachy gloss oils and a yes to primrose oil lip oil. I’d say both are nice. The primrose one is very subtle in color and basically looks like a clear gloss.

    1. I want lip oils!! I need to use up some other lip stuff first though but I really want them!!! Oh, I cut off all my hair to a little above my shoulders. I was getting sick of Dean ripping out my hair. My hair is so light now and I’m inspired to do more things with it.

      1. we are probably around the same length now then! i had mine cut at some point in august. wow. lol. but it is definitely probably an easier length to manage with Dean.

      2. It is and I feel like I’ll do more with it like straighten it or put a few curls in it. It’s also a good french braiding length as well. I needed a change. I also think this length looks best on me.

      3. I’ve founds it’s a good length for mini buns if you’re interested in that. You’ve always had nice hair that’s looked good at any length really. I get mine cut like this because I get aggravated when it’s too fluffy and longer.

      4. Awe, thanks! I’ve been loving the top knot and mini bus. I can wear it down and Dean can’t grab it. I do have two major cow licks. One on each stide right now. I’m trying to let them grow out but it’s tempting to cut them. It’s my devil horns. Lol

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