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Differin Prescription Gel

Shadow and Serena

Differin is a topical acne gel made to use specifically on black heads and cystic acne. It spreads smoothly on the face and sinks in quickly. I really loved that this stuff lessened my black heads, but I couldn’t afford my prescription. I received a ton of samples that I have used sparingly throughout the years. I have pretty deep blackheads, so I wasn’t expecting miracles. I am curious to try the over the counter differin that the drugstores sell now and see if I can get the same results but at a much lesser price. I am using a few topic gels right now, but I am itching for that Differin gel. It made such a different in my blackheads and was a miracle savior for my hormonal cystic acne.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤


9 thoughts on “Differin”

      1. Nope. Never lost power, but I do have a smashed up car to the tune of $1700. It’s going to take a month to fix. I’m bringing it to the shop on Monday and getting into a rental until its fixed. Thank gawd, I added the rental to my insurance back in June. My landlord is paying the $400 deductible because he didn’t cut enough of the trees which were cut 2 weeks ago. We have a new parking spot away from the trees, but I’ve been dealing with that and shopping for new health insurance. I don’t qualify for help anymore, so I’m buying my work’s health insurance. It’s close to $100 every two weeks (every paycheck) but its pre tax dollars so maybe it wont be as bad. It’s still paying 200 (300 for the three paycheck months which I get 2 a year) versus the $70 I was paying a month. I also have to pay $12 for Dean’s insurance, but I’m so grateful that I’m not paying $400 a month for both of us. He gets better healthcare than I do, but I just need the basic stuff. I mean, I am getting the more expensive health plan at my work, because if anything were to happen to me, there would be more coverage and less out of pocket. I have been doing a lot of overtime this week due to the storm. I think I’ll have around $50 extra in my paycheck for Christmas. Hopefully, we get more opportunities for overtime before Christmas. Dean gets therapy 3X a week now and his evaluation is this Monday. I’m also doing course work for my class. My dad’s surgery is now a week later, so now he’ll only have three weeks instead of 4 to recover. I can’t carry over more than 5 days. I’ll still be taking four weeks though because I can’t carry that extra 5 days over. Sucks for my Dad and I’m working on getting a ride to work set up if need be. Crazy busy. How have you been? Did your food end up spoiling?

      2. Oh my gosh! That’s lousy. At least you have the rental for now but that is a long wait and an expensive fix :(. I’ve been alright. We have a generator so it went on and off to keep the good fresh. It was mostly hard to do my school work as there is no textbook so i had been driving around, loading the work and doing it by flashlight because I worked every day except Monday. The generator only powers water, my parents room, and kitchen so I had no light in my room. Most of Rhode Island lost electricity. So slightly frustrating but it definitely could have been worse. It’s strange that you wouldn’t be eligible since you’re more or less supporting three people on your pay check? Hopefully it won’t result in a ton out of your paycheck. Has Dean been doing well with the therapy? Also probably not the time to mention it, but are you coming over next Saturday? It’s fine if we have to reschedule I just want to know if I have to do a through cleaning and baby proofing this week.

      3. Yeah, but they see my dad as a separate household. I can’t claim him except for the electricity rebate because it goes by how many working people are in the home and it’s only me so we get a break that way. Can’t really tell much yet. He still doesn’t talk and they already ruled out potty training until 3. He can’t potty train if he can’t communicate. We are trying to phase him out of the bottles though. YES! I still plan on coming over on Saturday. I made sure to keep that day clear, so unless we get whacked with another storm or something. I’m coming over. 🙂

      4. I guess that makes sense but it’s still frustrating. Do the specialists expect he will begin talking around age 3? Ok! I’ll start cleaning the house then. Beth is also going to make a pie so that will be nice.

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