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October Empties

Another month, another empties post. I went through surprising a lot this month. I wasn’t expecting to use up so much, but it seems like a lot of my products are on their last legs. I expect November and December to be heavy months as well. I am grateful that I never lost power in the storm that terrorized New England this week and I pray for the lives lost in the terrorist attack in New York City. That city has gone through way too much. My car was damaged in the storm, but at least, no one got hurt. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I’ll be outside playing with my son today.

  1. Soo AE Nature Vitamin Collagen Essence Mask


2. EOS Shave Cream Pomegranate Raspberry

shave cream

3. International Delight Coffee Creamer


4. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Bubble Bath Raspberry Rescue

bubble bath

5. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


6. Zesty Paws Omega Bites


7. Dr. Fresh Kids’ Toothbrushes


8. Yankee Candle Tropical Island Breeze Candle

9. Glade Cozy Autumn Cuddle Candle

10. Mr Bubbles Magic Bath Crackles


11. Gerber Lil’ Beanies


12. Dial Winter Frost Hand Soap


13. Equate Beauty Cotton Rounds

cotton rounds

14. Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel

shower gel

15. WEN Sweet Almond Mint Texture Balm


16. WEN Cucumber Almond Texture Balm


17. Precious Perfume


18. Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops Radiance


19. Nicole by OPI Roughles

20. Lush Penguin Bubble Bar

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

21. Avon Advance Techniques Anti-Dandruff Treatment


22. Equate Medicine


23. Sephora Bright Set Loose Finishing Banana Powder

24. Goody Hair Tie


25. Briogeo Rosarco Milk Leave- In Conditioning Spray


26. Olehenriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil


27. It Cosmetics CC Sample



I am super impressed with what I was able to move out this month. I’m running low on product reviews, so I might disappear during the week with no new posts once in a while. On those weeks, I will be writing product reviews for my blog. I like to hand write them first before typing them up on my blog. Next week will probably be an empty week. I’m going to try to write as many reviews as I can. Maybe I can empty out my review basket. I’m hoping to write ten reviews, because lets face it, there are like 50 products in my review basket right now. lol. If I do 5 reviews a day this weekend, I’ll be happy.

With Love,



34 thoughts on “October Empties”

      1. Lol! What time should I expect you tomorrow? Also would recommend bundling Dean or at least bringing a sweatshirt or have him wear layers. My house is cold as usual this time of year. I’ve been generally wearing two pairs of socks and a pair of slippers to attempt to warm myself up.

      2. I’m such a terrible person. I totally forgot about this and I have so much paperwork that I need to fill out by Wednesday for three different places to get Dean people coming everyday for at least 5 hours to work with him. I wouldn’t be good company right now. I just randomly tear up. I’m hoping to reschedule to come over your house soon. Don’t know how your weekends look? I’m really sorry Danielle.

      3. it is fine. you’re still welcome to come if you decide you need a distraction but i get it. i think i’m free thanksgiving weekend? it’s hard for me to think of anything otherwise, i have four eeeks of the semester left and my work schedule has been hectic so i’m not sure what the last couple of weeks will be like. but whenever you want. but also if you need to talk you can call me!

      4. That Saturday of Thanksgiving for sure then. It is a date. Thanks for understanding. It’s a lot to take in. I’m looking forward to seeing you and I am sure Dean will be happy to see you too. 😘

      5. I understand. It was a different outcome than expected and a lot to process either way. I have a ton of books for him! One of my moms cleaning people has three boys and they’re all a little older (the youngest is a 5th grader now), so she was getting rid of their storybooks. She was also glad that they were actually going to someone because I guess the library was just going to throw them away? I can’t remember all that’s in the bag but there’s some dr Seuss and things like that.

      6. Wow! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Dean’s sleeping right now. He’s been crying and picky all morning the poor thing. He’s getting a bit more of a challenge. Something always seems to be wrong or bug him. He’s having more tantrums. He’s so peaceful right now. He had his flu shot on Monday, so I’m hoping he’ll feel better soon.

      7. He had a bad reaction to the flu shot? Or was he just sick already? Hope he feels better soon and you don’t catch it. Also, taking any Birthday and Christmas ideas for him. What size clothes is he in or needs? Are there any toys that he could use that aren’t too expensive? Any and all ideas. Also for you!

      8. Lol. He must have caught a cold on the same day that he got the flu shot. I caught it a little bit, but I’m over it now. He is in size 18 months to 2T. He is 24lbs. I bought him a 2T the other day and it is too long for him, but he fit the pounds correctly. lol. Clothes is hard for him, but as long as you stick to the weight range on the label, it should fit him or allow him to grow into it. He needs more fleece footy pajamas. I bought the Paw Patrol 2T at Walmart and it’s long but perfect for sleeping in, just not walking in it. I still love 1 pieces for him since he can’t dress himself and it hides his penis. TMI he’s been humping his pillows. lol. He has plenty of sweaters, so unless you find a cute one, he doesn’t need any. If you find any cute, warm socks. He has plain ones. Two pieces with pants are welcome. His pants seem to be stretching out and not fitting the same anymore. I think he used to be fatter around the middle and now, he’s slimmed down. I have a bunch of his clothes to consign next year from this year. For toys, anything that’s for younger kids. Building blocks, but plastic toys, since he’s still eating his toys, nothing cardboard or wooden or foam. Teething toys. Any kind of simple toy that’s for a one year old to 2. Even younger like for infants. He’s mentally younger because of his autism.Basic toys are best. Like plastic good sized cars. Grocery basket with fake food in it. Beads that you can pop apart and stick back together. He’s not coloring yet. He’s not into fancy electronic toys. Something really basic like a phone or plays music is nice for him. He just needs simple skill building toys. I bought him a huge set of building blocks and a tunnel that he can crawl through so far. He loves stuffed animals too. If you have toys in mind, you can always ask. He has tons of electronic toys that he doesn’t get yet.

      9. These are all good suggestions. If I buy any toys I would probably keep them on the simpler side. I know I got the shape sorter and plastic stacking trucks last year, so probably stuff like that. Are there any paw patrol stuffed animals he doesn’t have that you think he would like?

      10. Well, he only has Marshall and Rubble. He loves Chase, I think that’s his favorite. I don’t mind him having the girl pups Skye and Everest. Then there is Rocky and Zuma. Oh, and Tracker. OH! And the evil pup Sweety. But Chase really is his favorite I think. I can’t ask him so I don’t know for sure.

      11. Ok, once I’ve bought his present I will tell you what it is so you don’t accidentally buy any of the same stuff, since I’ll probably buy a lot from target or Walmart. Also, what do you want? I sort of have an idea already but feel I should ask. lol.

      12. Lol. I’m buying from Walmart and Toys R Us, so there could be some overlap. What do I want? Huh. Well, I love books and I have plenty of the to read, but I ALWAYS welcome more. I wouldn’t mind getting bookends or some type of decorative piece. I wouldn’t mind body care items, I’m getting low on that like seriously. I’ve been SO GOOD this year. 🙂 I don’t mind snacks or alcohol. Cute notebooks or pens. You can add makeup but I REALLY don’t need it, but if you see something that I would TOTALLY like, I don’t mind. 🙂 Pampering items like fuzzy socks, slippers, face masks, hand masks, feet masks, like I wouldn’t mind. A cute apron. I’m just getting back into cooking again. I’m also getting back into exercise, so any kind of beginner stuff or anything would be good. Basically, I’m an open book. I’m just grateful that you want to get me a gift and it’s the thought that counts. 🙂 Now, what do YOU want for Christmas? I have an idea too, but want to know your thoughts. I have your birthday present and I cannot wait to give it to you on Saturday!

      13. I thought I replied to this message a couple of days ago but I guess it didn’t go through, oops! Yes, I am looking forward to seeing you as well! I will keep all of this in mind. Are there any other shows Dean might like toys from, like bubble guppies. Also if I were to get you something to drink, what would you want? Everyone’s preferences are unique. I’m not really sure what I want? Definitely not beauty items though. I have enough. I kind of want a lavender candle but that is the only thing I can actually think of? Lol

      14. Lol. Duely noted. I like fruity stuff. I like Rose Wine, Voga moscato, and bubbly fruity wine coolers. Anything sweet and fruity. Dean love Bubble guppies, blaze and the monster machines, Wally Kazam, and Hey Dugee. I have picked up a few things for your Christmas today. Online not in store. Lol

      15. 10 to 10:30. Ill bring the books I borrowed back and your present. I’m gonna blog later today and do some homework. I’m trying to see if Dean will go for a nap right now.

      16. Yes! I have the past 3 years actually. Kohls was most crowded, in line for 1/2 hour. Target, Walmart we’re not bad at all! A little crowded in areas but done shopping in each within half hour – 45 minutes! I did pick up a couple of things for Dean, a fisher price corn popper (it looks like a mini vacuum with plastic balls in it), a paw patrol pirate plush of rocky, and some paw patrol pjs. I think these pjs are only on sale today so he shouldn’t have them. Also got stuff for your present, and my brother. Also bought myself a lot of pajamas for me, and a record player!

      17. Have any records to play on it? A girl can never have too many pajamas. Lol. And thank you. I’m sure Dean will love it all. I just put the finishing touches on your gift tonight. Two hours before Dean goes to bed. Lol.

      18. Yea, two. Josie and the pussycats and miss piggys aerobique! Lol. I’ve been out most of the day and am attempting to tidy up and helping with dinner. I’ll be glad to sit for a minute. Lol.

      19. I also have pink eye and a wart on my hand. So, I feel like I could give you a virus or something. I went to the pediatric ward two times in two weeks and lucky me ended up in the ER with a swollen eye. Yup, remember Jessica and her sunglasses? That was me at work this week. It’s finally feeling better. No more swelling but I’m still putting antibiotics in my eye. Another reason why I needed to cancel.

      20. Wasn’t she covering her eye because she got slammed in the face with a softball though? I completely forgot about that. Do you carry hand sanitizer? It may be a good idea so you can use it after drs appointments. I remember going to the doctors as a kid and then everyone else would pick up something while there. Not fun.

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