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Dean’s Weekly Recap 11/14

It’s so much easier to get out week days posts during lunch at work instead of prescheduling to go up during the week. I don’t have the time on the weekends anymore to be able to do this. So, in this series, I will be sharing my son’s progress reports and my to do list for the week. Oh, and all of Dean’s sessions were cancelled this week. I won’t have an update next week because of that.

11/8 OT Therapy Written by Jen:

Dean was slightly more irritable today. He did not respond well to swinging. He enjoyed visual simulation of blanket waving and sitting in beans. He was okay to sit to work and did good with pulling pop beads apart and pushing items into shape sorter. He got frustrated when I didn’t let him spin it. More shrieking noted today. Worked on pointing to snacks.

  1. For snack time have him sit in booster or high chair and point to items he wants.

11/8 Speech Written by Lisa:

Dean was seen w/Mike. He already had a visit with OT this morning and no nap. Dean was in constant motion and very giggly today. Left 3 pamphlets. Referral can be made to 1 or all 3. You also have the right to call and ask any questions. Once you decide, I will send referrals out and have you sign authorization to release info form.

11/9 OT:

Dean had an excellent session today. He transitioned to his working chair very well today. He attempted to pull apart pop beads and he remains good at placing items back into container. He tolerated hand over hand assistance to place items into shape sorter. Even though fleeting he has short bursts of eye contact. He gave great sustained eye contact when drinking from a bottle and being sung to. Worked on pointing to snack.

  1. Continue to have him sit in working chair for short bursts to play with shape sorter.
  2. Try to have him point to bottle/food.

11/10 OT:

Dean did great again today. The play he has been able to do like pushing shapes into shape sorter and pulling pop beads (with help) apart to place into bucket he can do. Today, he was able to pull apart bead 1X on his own. He said “More” with the sign for bubbles. He also attempted to sign “all done” 1X.

  1. Continue to try to have him point to milk/bottle/food
  2. Try to have him play with rice bucket before meal time. Try not to let him pull food out of mouth if he continues have meal time be over.

Overall, my assignment is to work on pointing to food and drinks and have him have quite time in his chair to work on sorting shapes into his bucket. I love having some tasks to work with him during the week and weekend. It’s always something different, so I enjoy that aspect to it. I’m not there during his sessions, since I work. I love getting these report cards and knowing what he did and what he needs to work on.

With Love,



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