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Banana Smoothie

L.W. Home Banana Smoothie Candle

This smells like those banana shaped candy that were all fruits. There were apples, oranges, and grape shapes. Does anyone remember those? Anyway, this candle burned evenly at the end of its life. Once the candle burned down, it started to melt the sides and there really wasn’t much wax left in there. I’m going to remove the wax and use the candle jar to hold all of my hair accessories. It’ll look nicer than the acrylic candy container I have them in right now. Plus, this candle container is much bigger and has a lid to keep out the dust. I’ve been recycling the candle containers that I like the look of. They are nice pops of color. I would not repurchase this scent, because it was too gentle for me. I enjoy a stronger fragrance, but I would buy from this brand again.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤


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