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Victoria Secret Haul

Unlike other hauls, I won’t be showing you my purchases. I’ll say what I purchased and my experience using the VS website for the first time. You can take the time to look items up on the website if you like. I don’t want to “show” you my underwear. I think that crosses a line for me, but I’ll tell you why I bought what I bought and everything like that. I used to post actual pictures of my underwear haul, but I got creepy comments one time. Never again and plus, I know some people I work with read this blog and that would be tres awkward. lol

First, let’s talk about my first online purchase. It was super easy to sign up for the credit card and super easy to order online. Most of the sizes are true to size and you can return items in store. There is a VS near me, so I knew that if something didn’t fit, I can return it and just reorder a different size the next time I’d order. I used two coupons with my first order. I used the free shipping and the free underwear coupons. I also got the $20 coupon to spend on an order of $40. The coupon was supposed to come in my order, but it did not. A quick call to customer service later (My rep sounded like James Charles!) and I have my coupon being shipped to me in the mail. I will be shopping online again. I just got my coupon in the mail and for the inconvenience, they sent me TWO!

VS has really changed since I last shopped there. I remember VS not being the store for me. They didn’t have any bras that weren’t push-ups. Now, they have high neck bras that show zero cleavage, but still make a girl feel good about herself. One of my bras were too big. I ordered a medium and I needed a small. A SMALL?! I haven’t been a small in FOREVER. Plus, I am a 34-36 C, so a small? While the sports bra that I bought in a medium fits like a glove. It must have just been the style then. I’ll be returning the bra and keeping the other. What I love about high neck bras is that they look like tank shirts, so if something is a little low cut, I no longer have to wear an actual shirt underneath it.

I then bought 7 pairs of underwear for $28. I love boy short cuts, so I bought a few cute pairs. I bought a lilac pair that says “Sleigh My Name” on the butt. Obviously my favorite! I bought a pink scallop edged pink pair that supposedly is panty line free. It’s a weird feeling material, too. I bought a light blue kinda see through cheetah print brief. I also bought a plaid brief for those school girl day vibes. I also bought a pair that said Angel and another that says “I’ll be nice next year” on the upper thigh. I needed more underwear and now, I have really cute ones!

That is my VS haul. My next two VS hauls I’ll be able to actually show you what I buy. I plan on buying pjs and some beauty products.

Are you a fan of the high neck bra?

With Love,



2 thoughts on “Victoria Secret Haul”

  1. Gosh, I haven’t shopped their for ages but I used to love their clothing. I’m with you on not posting pics of undies 😂 I don’t even like looking at underwear on tbe mannequins! Good to hear that their CS was on top of things! Looking forward to the rest!!

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