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Dean’s Recap 11/17/17

It’s been a hot minute since I did one of these posts last. I’m like a week behind. I’ve been so busy this past week with a mouse trapped in Dean’s bedroom, so naturally, he had to sleep in bed with me. We are finally getting back into the swing of things. I’m going to post later this week how my visits went with each of the ABA service providers and tell you which one I chose and why. It’ll be an educational post if you like to hear these things from a mother’s perspective. If you have any topics you want to request on Autism or any questions you have, post them down below and I can incorporate them into a post if the answer warrants its own post.

11/15/17 Speech therapist:

Respiratory virus with fever past couple of days. Dropped off Authorization forms for Hannah to sign to get ABA referrals in the process. Hannah has opted to meet with all three providers and decide from there which company is a better fit.

11/17/17 Speech therapist:

Sick all week with cold. Not eating as well due to cough, congestion. Better eye contact when settled in his chair. Worked on shape sorter and was persistent – longer time willing to work. Able to place circle in several times. Square 1x. After work time, he went back to bucket to throw shapes in. Happy sounds, nice smile and laugh.

  1. Continue “time to work” with shape sorter.
  2. Fax referrals to Autism providers

It was a short week for him, because he was still sick. The next one of these that I do, he has three visits, so it will be a bit longer with more information. I’m proud of my boy. He conquered his first cold AND I SURVIVED!

With Love,



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