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Dean Update 11/22/17

I am finally getting caught up with little Dean’s updates. He has been doing good, but still no real speech progress. Dean’s new thing is flipping through books. He loves flipping the pages and looking at the pictures. He’s slow down the last few days, which is amazing for him. Maybe occupational therapy is actually working now. I’m excited with Christmas around the corner and this Thursday is his assessment for ABA services from HMEA. I cannot wait to talk with Anne and Joyce about how they can help us out. We need all the help that we can get.

11/21/17 – Occupational Therapy:

Dean has been sick all last week and still has a runny nose and is coughing. Dean was very excited when I walked in today and doing great eye contact. He did well with free play and enjoyed hugging. He sat when it was time to work. With minimal help, he attempted to place shapes into sorter about 75% of the time. He did a push toy independently and allowed hand over hand assistance to push pop beads together. He attempted to pull pop beads apart @ 80% of the time. He tolerated when I took bottle away and pointed to get what he wanted. Continue to have him point to choices.

11/22/17 – Speech Therapy:

All 3 ABA providers will meet with Hannah & Mike next week. Dean was seen at home with Mike. Sleeping has been interrupted, so family is exhausted as is Dean. Today, he sat to work 2X and independently put shapes in “stars” the most. He then dumped and filled shapes in bucket with no twirling. Eye contact better. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. Continue to praise Dean for eye contact & continue to work on toys in chair.

It was a short week, because of Thanksgiving. Dean has been working hard on his shape sorter and as long as you cover the other shapes, he can place them into the cut out shape on top. This is a HUGE accomplishment for him. I bought him ice cream at McDonald’s for this. With Dean’s autism, little things are HUGE, because they take FOREVER to stick. I love my little boy. He makes me appreciate the small things in life and for that, I’m forever grateful that God choose me as his mother.

With Love,


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