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A Hair Of Excitement

I just realized yesterday that it has been 1 years and 7 months since I last colored my hair. It seems like it was just yesterday that I had bleached my whole head with my 5 month old in my arms. I have had an interesting hair journey. I was blonde growing up until the age of 12 when my hair turned a darker blonde. I would say that my hair is a dark blonde to a light brown. My stylist calls it dirty blonde. I say it is darker than dirty blonde playing on the edge of brunette.

I never colored my hair until senior year of high school. I colored my hair blonder and kept on coloring it. Freshman or Sophomore year of college, I added purple extensions.

Erin 030

I then went through a red stage, which I have no photos of. I dip dyed my hair purple, again no photos of that. The next ones I have is when I went black and really dark brown.

I then had my blonde moment:

Now my hair is like mostly natural looking:

As you can see (ignore my greasy AF roots that are super flat), The blonde has mostly grown out. It is more of an ombre and it is so brassy. I am looking to do something colorful. I’m thinking rose gold or purple or pink or blue. Like IDK. I need help! I want to do something fun but still professional looking. I figure that I would just do my blonde ends to spice them up. I am considering doing my whole head rose gold though. Oh, and I’m talking TEMPORARY. The kind of color you mix with conditioner and rinses out in a few shampoos. What do you think I should do?

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤


7 thoughts on “A Hair Of Excitement”

  1. I know L’Oréal has some that wash out in a couple shampoos, they’re around $12 and work on all hair colors? They have wacky colors like pink and blue. It could be a way to try something out!

    1. My dad just surprised me with a visit with my hair stylist. He was like just get it done professionally. So, now I’m looking at permanent hair color. I’m leaning more towards doing the Smokey purple with ashy purple roots, mid toned length, and light colored ends almost like an ombre. Ill have to post up idea pictures.

      1. Lol. I mean, people do it all the time, but it’s not my photo and it isn’t public domain just because it’s on the internet. I’m so excited though.

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