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Dean’s Update 11/30/17

It was a busy weekend grabbing a few more gifts for Dean. I have wrapped his presents and put them under the tree. We also decorated the tree as well. I still need to put up a couple of more decorations before I show all of you. Dean was touching the tree all day on Sunday and trying to run away with his presents. I kept telling him that he had one more week to wait. I need to pick up a few more presents for him on Friday or Saturday really early in the morning. I’ll have more money on payday Friday for gifts and my dad already got his early Christmas present. The only person that I need to finish is my best friend and that’s because I’m waiting on a damn package. I have to wrap what I have for her, but I hope she likes everything!

11/27/17 – Speech Therapy

Very upset yesterday, hard to calm him down. Hanging upside down helps. Dean was seen at home with Mike. He is now sitting for drinks and snacks. He will pull out seat to indicate snack? Dean needed a lot of hand over hand for shape sorter. Modeled signs for more & eat. Beacon, HMEA, & BCI are coming out to meet with family Tues, Wed, Thurs of this week.

  1. Chewy tube
  2. Continue to use chair for work & food

11/28/17 – OT

Dean has been having some difficulty the past few days with not wanting to sleep and being a little more aggressive. Dean did great today! He picked up a shape several times and brought it towards the sorter! He did great bringing shapes to sorter. He also did great with trying to push together pop beads. He pulled beads apart and placed into container with less than minimal assistance. We worked on pointing to snack/drink.

  1. Continue to offer item have him point to desired object.

11/30/17 – OT

Family met with Beacon and BCI the past 2 days. Today they will meet with HMEA. Dean did well today. He spontaneously attempted to place shapes into shape sorter at 30% of the time. As long as he was not allowed to twirl shapes, he attempted to bring shapes to sorter 100% of the time. He did well attempting to push pop beads together and pulled them apart.

  1. Have him point to choices – when offering milk or water and he is reaching have him point.

I have two more weeks to catch up on I think, before I am all caught up. So, you might see another one tomorrow as well. Dean started ABA services on Tuesday. It is too early to say if it’s working or not, but I look forward to meeting everyone next week when I am on vacation. I plan on uploading a lot of content next week during my vacation time. I enjoy blogging and I can’t stay idle too long.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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