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Dean’s Week of HMEA

Today, I am sharing Dean’s first week of ABA services from HMEA. I would like to say that for those of you who have been trying to comment that I am using my son’s disability for views can go fuck yourselves. I’m sharing my experience of having an autistic son and his services to help educate other parents’ whose kids could be going through the same emotional roller coaster as me. I want to put my son’s story out there to let other parents’ know that there is hope in what seems like a hopeless, helpless situation. I’d like to say that it gets better, but I’m still struggling with accepting that my son isn’t going to be like his peers. I’m trying to accept him for who he is and not mourn the loss of what I wanted him to be.

He is my sweet son and autistic or not, who I react and teach him will shape him into the man that he becomes. I want him to have an open mind and be accepting. I’m using my blog to try to teach others that autism doesn’t mean a mental disability. He just sees the world differently than the average person. I’ll get off of my soapbox now. 🙂

Dean has three ABA workers coming in 4 times a week to help him.

Tuesday 8 – 9:30

First session with Dean. Explored my toys. Liked ball toy, pull tube, books, and stacking cups. Did some hand over hand pointing, signing more. Mouthing all new tubes presented but better when has chew tube.

Wednesday 8 – 9:30

Met Dean today. Explored new toys with myself and Joyce.

Wednesday 8:30 – 9:30

Explored huge toy bag to see what might serve as a potential reinforcer. Discussed programs, discussed what Dean’s session will “look” like. We will be moving him, he’s active.

Thursday 8 – 9:30

Continued to explore new toys. Dean less focused than Tuesday. Liked ball toy again. Hand-over-hand pointing to request items.

Friday 8 – 9:30

Dean was really curious about all the toys today. Worked on staying sitting with toys, started to understand the expectation. I’m off Tuesday 12/26 will do sessions Wed/Thurs/Fri 8 – 9:30.

Friday 8 – 9:30

Increased demands today. Very quick learner. Sat for structured tasks with prompting. Beginning to challenge him.

That is a week in Dean’s like with the HMEA therapists. I still have to catch up on his EI weeks, but I the only day I’m working is Tuesday until 10:15 am. I have a 3 hour and 15 minute shift and then I’m out until Jan 2nd. It’s going to be a productive vacation with my boy, celebrating Christmas and his birthday.

With Love,



4 thoughts on “Dean’s Week of HMEA”

  1. I’m so sorry someone tried to comment that – that’s horrible! People are so rude and think they know everything. My son, as you know, has a speech delay and also some sensory delays. I am also trying to learn to be okay with the fact that he sees things differently than other kids. Us moms need to stick together and I enjoy seeing your updates and input on Dean’s life and treatment! My guy is just in EI for speech and OT. What is HMEA and ABA?

    1. ABA is applied behavior analysis. HMEA is just the name of the company that does the ABA service. There were three companies that I could choose from. The others were Beacon and Early Beginnings. I chose HMEA because it follows him throughout his whole life. The other programs cut out at 15 and 19. Also one wouldn’t take my insurance after 3. I get to actually be there working with them this week, so I’m excited for that. Yeah, like keep your nasty comments to yourself. I have to say that I’ve been getting 100 great comments to every 1 jerk. I thought these comments were only reserved for YouTube. 😁

    2. Also, sorry for not emailing you back! I’m doing that today. Life got so hectic with the holidays and being offered jobs that disappeared over Thanksgiving break. Tons of work drama and not sleeping because Dean just screams for hours. Last night was the first night that he fell asleep in 30 minutes. Apparently autistic children are known for sleep issues….

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