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VS Haul

Yes, I am finally getting around to showing you my VS haul. I had two $20 off of $40 gift cards and I decided to use them both. I shopped online, but this time, it took TWO WEEKS to ship out and get to me. Like, I got both o my boxes on December 18th and I ordered on it on the 3rd. The good news is that the one clothing item that I bought fits. It is a little big, but I tightened the straps and that seemed to do trick.

My first haul, I only bought 1 thing and I paid $22.50.

VS Satin Romper in Antiquela in Medium

This originally would have been $42.50, so it was a total steal with $20 off. I love the soft purple color and a romper is going to be great in the summer. It’s a shorts and cami combo. I can wear with around the house with a pair of pants and still be decent around my family. It is so comfortable and silky. Hands down my favorite bedtime clothes right now. I love pairing it with my Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2 pants.

My second haul, I bought 8 things and I paid $32.52 for a haul that was worth $52.52.


Pink Coconut Hand Cream, 1.4 fl oz for $5

I bought this hand cream, because I don’t have any and now I have two. It has a pleasant scent and I look forward to trying it out.


Pink Sweet & Flirt 2-in-1 Wash & Scrub, 10.1 fl oz for $4.90

I needed some more body washes and scrubs. This is both, so I think it is a great two in one product and it’ll save time in the shower. I love this scent. The notes are sugar berry and pink grapefruit. It is sweet and a bit tart. It is also purple, which is a huge bonus to me. I should be alright for 2018 now that I have this one and the wash from B&BW. I also have a couple of soaps and a Lush shower jelly. I just didn’t want to be without, but for less than $5, I can forgive myself since it goes for $18 normally.


Pink Sweet & Flirty Body Lotion, 16.9 fl oz for $7

I didn’t really need a body lotion, but I wanted the matching body lotion and I will use it. I am currently trying to use up my body lotion stash and I hit a slump. I usually can finish an 8 ounce bottle a month. Once the cold weather hit, I haven’t wanted to sit in the cold after a shower or bath and apply body lotion. I need to just suck it up and do it. I know that as soon as it warms up, I’ll be going through my body lotions again. At least, I know that I do clear out at least 6 8 ounce bottles a year. That is 48 fl ounces of lotion a year. Wow. This bottle is almost half that. I should take about 2 months to finish this bottle up. Whenever I use the body wash, I will make sure to use this matching lotion.

face mask

Pink About Last Night Face Mask, 2 for $5

I have never tried a VS face mask before and I was really curious about them. I’ve never spent this much on a face mask, so hopefully I see results. If not, I bought it to try, so it’ll be fun either way.

face mask

Pink Let’s Glow Face Mask, 2 for $5

Again, I bought this for the fun aspect of it. I cannot believe that I spent $10 on 4 sheet masks. It’s that time of year to splurge a little, you know.

VS Martha’s Lip Kit for $15

The liquid lipsticks alone go for $14, so this kit was a no brainer. For just $1 more, I got a lip liner and lip gloss. I got the Velvet Matte liquid lipstick in Adored, the lip pencil in Nearly Nude, and the glitter gloss. I’m a nude lipstick lover, so this will be great. No swatches, because it is my Christmas present to myself. I love the magnetic closure on the box and I’ve never known that VS does makeup before.

That is the end of my VS haul. I hope you guys enjoyed and if you want to see swatches and hear a first impressions on the lip kit or anything that I own, let me know. I’d be happy to give you thoughts with the swatch. Happy Christmas Eve and everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

With Love,



54 thoughts on “VS Haul”

    1. Nope! It is so silky and light that it is very comfy under pants. I love the way it fits too. There’s nothing like reading a book in bed in your adult pjs. In the summer, it’ll be nice to wear without pants. The bottom is short but covers.

      1. Lol. Merry Christmas to you too!!! I’m halfway through opening Dean’s presents. My dad went out at 2, so we’ve been on hold. I’m doing it slowly so as not to overwhelm him. How’s your Christmas?

      2. what did you get? I got a desk chair and $100 dollars. I’m going to buy a cover for my chair, hair dye, unicorn makeup brushes, and thrift shopping. I was gonna do my hair, but I’m not ready to go permanent yet.

      3. i got a nintendo 2 ds, a yoshi and that’s so raven game to go with it, a couple of dvds, some film for my camera, and different hard ciders and seltzer’s. and gift cards. definitely a good idea to hold off on doing your hair if you’re feeling iffy about it! what are you going to do for Deans bday tomorrow? happy birthday to him!

      4. Thank you! Dean still has half of his presents to open. I’m working 7 to 10:15 am. He has his Speech therapy at 11 am. He has his ABA from 8 to 9:30 am. So, after Speech, I’m going to get him his cake and we’ll probably open up presents and go sledding again. I have the rest of the week off, so I’m going to organize my room and possibly closet, consign some toys and clothes, and go thrift shopping.

      5. That will be nice! I only have today off and I don’t know what I’m going to do! I can’t decide if I want to shop. Your backyard is a nice spot for sledding! It’s step enough to slide a little but all fenced in! Also, how long are you on break for? I will try to come up and visit at some point before you return to work so we can exchange presents and I can give Dean his Christmas and bday presents

      6. Oh! And I have my Social Security phone interview today @ 1:30. I’m off Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon. I go back to work on 1/2. YES! Let me know when you are available, so I can ready the house.

      7. Lol. Sounds good to me. Monday is Dean’s day off from services so that works out great! I did Speech with Dean, had lunch, did some laundry while watching YouTube videos, and now waiting for my phone interview. Then, off to pick up a cake at Big Y.

      8. That’s good! I know they were calling for snow here but now there is no snow in the forecast, hopefully it stays that way. I’m off to work in a bit, but yesterday I just went shopping.

      9. Dean had his therapy and we are having lunch. I’m going to blog and organize my room a bit. Going to try to get some course work done too. Probably going thrift shopping tomorrow. My grey pants just ripped on the knee.

      10. Is the therapy usually just an hour or so? I just got home because it was an early day and am trying to decide what to have for lunch, then probably bring in some wood for the wood stove. It’s positively freezing outside! My hands were going numb just being outside for a minute scraping the car this morning!

      11. Usually the Speech and OT come at 11 or 11:30, but OT is coming Friday at 9. She cancelled the whole week and forgot to tell us. So she’s squeezing Dean in on Friday.

      12. That’s cute! Also I’m probably going to have to cancel for Monday. The truck broke down today. I’ve been stuck for about 3 hours with it. Unless I have it back by then, which I doubt with the holiday.

      13. Okay, thanks for letting me know. I’ll let you know by Saturday after noon if I can pick you up or not. I just have to make sure the pending bills go through before committing.

      14. It’s okay if you can’t. It was a real nightmare of a situation! I wanted a salad from McDonald’s after driving Beth to meet her friend near ahf, and then the car just stopped in the drive thru! Some men helped push me into a spot. That was around 2:15. I just got home about 20 minutes ago! There was a giant mess because my grandparents apparently cancelled my aaa, so they didn’t get there until 6:15. It could have been worse and I’m glad that I got stranded at McDonald’s and not on the highway, but needless to say my nerves a shot and I’m exhausted.

      15. Oh my gosh!!! I’m so sorry that this happened to you. Thank gawd for nice people. Yes! At least you got to eat, use a restroom, and had wifi/cell service. Do you know what’s wrong with the truck?

      16. No. My dad has a couple suspicions and is hoping it’s just a frozen gas line, as that would be the cheapest and easiest fix. But we won’t know until the car place calls us back and with the upcoming holiday we’re not quite sure when that is. It would be ideal to have the car back before then, but we’re not sure it will happen. That and my dad said no more lengthy car rides until this cold wave is over and after yesterday I don’t really want to make any. I’m dreading the trip to pick my sister up later. But if I hadnt decided to get off the highway I could have been stranded in the middle of it, which would have been bad in this weather. Everything cools off so quick!

      17. Yes! What time should I pick you up on Monday? Is there a specific time you need to go home at? I ask because my dad has a meeting he needs to go to from 4 to 5.

      18. Maybe around 10:30-11? And I don’t think I need to be home for a certain time, whenever is best for you! Should I bring anything? Also is your place on the warmer or colder side? My house is freezing so I feel I need to dress accordingly.

      19. Okay. 🙂 Layers would be a good idea. It ranges from 68 to about 72 degrees. The heater kick on when it goes down to 68 and don’t kick off until 72. You don’t have to bring anything. We can watch a movie on Netflix. I have the fire disk now on the tv. I have popcorn chicken and French fries for lunch. Dean’s been loving popcorn chicken lately.

      20. I usually dress in layers so all of that sounds fine. I was planning to bring slippers too. Lol. Also, do you still have my copy of four weddings and a funeral? My sister keeps asking me about it, I think it was just in a cd case. Hugh grant is on it I think?

      21. if u haven’t watched it yet you can still hold on to it, i was just wondering. so i don’t have to keep shoes on. i remember i wished i had slippers at your house once so i bought those star wars slippers. it does the job. lol

      22. Lol. Yes, the bathroom and kitchen floors are cold because of being under the garage. I’m almost done organizing my room and I started a bit in my closet. I threw out shoes that no longer fit that aren’t in great condition. I threw out my croc boots and I had them so long that the material was peeling off the base of the shoe.

      23. Those boots from high school? I forgot about those! Lol. I’ve been doing sort of the same, I have a lot of almost worn out slippers that I’ve just been wearing til the soles rip and then tossing. I’ve gotten rid of 2 and I currently have a pair that’s almost ready to toss. I’ve ended up with a lot of slippers that Beth wore a couple of times and didn’t like for some reason? Also just wore out a pair of sneakers. And a pair of sunglasses! Also my ugg like winter boots are almost worn out in the sole, but I got a new pair on sale on Black Friday. It is nice to clean things out, even if it’s just a little.

      24. Yes! I loved those things literally to death. Yes, I love purging little by little. I cannot do a big one all at once. I am in need of new shoes, specifically a pair of sneakers, flat boots, and another pair of flats so I have two. I’m keeping an eye out at my favourite consignment place. They sell new and lightly used shoes at the fraction of the price. Harley Davidson motorcycle boots for $30 with the tags still on them. Not my style but a great find.

      25. That is a good deal! I’ve been buying shoes from Bobs generally, just because you can use multiple coupons and get a good deal. Like $10 for name brand sneakers. The boots I bought were the bear paw brand of the ones I have now, they were $29 with shipping, I th

      26. To me it just kind of depends upon what it is. Although I’ve only ever bought designer purses anyway, I think my most expensive shoe purchase was last summer with $60 Steve Madden sandals, which I don’t think really counts?

      27. You can count it if you want. I don’t buy much designer anything, but I do admire some of the styles/prints. I want to invest in some high quality bedding from Kohl’s. I’m trying to find something in Tiffany blue and or silver. It’s hard looking. lol

      28. A good place to look for nice bedding in the 75 and under range is tj maxx or marshalls. They have nice brands like Ralph Lauren, but much cheaper. My bed spread from kohls was about $100, and only came with the comforter and two pillow cases. The matching sheets were about 30. This was with coupons.

      29. I love your LC comforter! lol. Yeah, I need to start looking. I’m very particular when it comes to what kind of comforter set I want. Hopefully, it will last with only 1 dog jumping on the bed.

      30. Me too, it took me two years to work up the nerve to spend the money on it! Lol. I usually have a throw blanket on top of my comforter, that has generally kept Louis from destroying it.

      31. they’re not really expensive, you can generally find them for under $10 at Walmart. I do like the character blankets which tend to cost anywhere from $15-$25. The Walmart clearance aisle is a good place to look.

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