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Dean Update 12/7/17

I just had my interview with Social Security yesterday, so now I am just waiting up to 120 days for a decision on Dean’s medical disability. According to the website, he can get half of what would be allotted to me when I retire. So, that would be a good chunk of money to be able to buy him furniture and clothes. His food and diapers get expensive too, so that would help with that as well. Also, if he wants to do dance, karate, or peewee baseball or soccer, the money would help out a lot. It’s tough being a single mom on a single income. It’s even harder when a child is special needs. I’d love to be able to afford to go out and see most of a movie with him in a theater. I just can’t afford these things. It’s hard not being able to provide, but I’m doing every thing I can to try to make more money. Like going back to college and finishing my Environmental Science degree.

12/4/17 – Speech

HMEA provider of choice. Dean is making more eye contact when I arrive and when he is interested in something. He stood in front of me with eye contact and making noises – he was trying to tell me something. He independently put 4 shapes into shape sorter and then needed hand over hand. Modeled and did hand over hand for more and all done.

  • Continue to model more and all done

12/5/17 – OT

Mike reported that Dean was able to place about seven shapes in his shape sorter with mother last night. Dean did excellent today. We continue to work in booster seat followed by sensory free play in bean bucket. He attempted to place shapes into sorter immediately followed by as long as he wasn’t allowed to twirl item, he brought to sorter. Placed marshmallows into slotted container. Worked (cautiously with constant vigilance so he didn’t mouth item) placing coins into piggy bank which he did with 75% accuracy. Also worked on pointing for choices as long as he had the facilitation “spark” or prompt of my finger in his palm, he tried pointing to desired object. He is not ready for prompt folding to arm.

  • Encourage pointing to desired items as you give verbal prompt “I want”.

12/7/17 – OT

Dean had a hard time falling asleep last night. Family has not heard from HMEA yet to schedule evaluation. Dean did well today in terms of tolerating the structure of time to play, time to work. His balance was poor today. He fell and stumbled more frequently and fell. Still working on fine motor skills and communication such as pointing. He grabbed my hand one time to help point to his bottle. He brought hands together three separate occasions with minimal prompting to sign more for more bubbles.

  • Work on pointing to desired item such as snack or bottle

I’ve been trying to get a hold of Dean’s OT to no avail. Hopefully, she just took a vacation and didn’t tell us this week. Dean really likes her, but she was a no call no show on Tuesday. We haven’t heard anything from her since Friday.

With Love,



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