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Dean’s Update 12/14/17

I love watching Anne work with Dean. She does a really great job and never gets frustrated. Learning with the ABA therapist from HMEA has been a wonderful experience. I have learned so much from her by being here when she comes to work with Dean this past week. I have new techniques up my sleeve and ways to work with him so I can avoid being frustrated. I’ve been getting a ton of things done around the house, but there is always more to do. I’ve been tackling my room and soon, I’ll have to do the same to Dean’s closet. I’ve been doing it here and there when I can. A mother’s work is really never done.

12/11/17 – Speech

Anne from HMEA is coming Thursday at 4:30 for evaluation. Dean was seen at home with Mike. He was tired because he was up early. Dean came right to me, looked up and reached to be picked up. He is a busy boy, but today he was much more settled. He sat for quite a while looking at books and bubbles. We worked on pointing and signs (more and all done) and some animal signs. He allowed hand over hand of signs today.

  • Recommend 1st 100 Words book. Board books are more sturdy for this age.

12/12/17 – OT

HMEA is coming Thursday at 4:30 for assessment. Dean did well today. He is giving out his hands for help to sign. He continues to try to point to items he wants with fading prompts until only finger support in his palm. He tried to place items into sorter. He loved playing with tunnel today!! and had a slight tantrum when it was time to work again.

  • Continue to have him try to point to things.
  • Structured 1:1 activities in booster

12/14/17 – OT

Dean has ABA evaluation today with HMEA. Dean had a slightly difficult time today. He had tantrums to get into his working chair, but calmed relatively quickly. Attempted to block his hand when doing shape sorter to prevent spinning/twirling of toy with minimal success since he was already frustrated. He did try to push pop beads together and pull apart to put into container. Pointing got better throughout the session.

  • Have him point to all choices

I am so close to catching up on his update posts. Things just got really hectic and busy around the holidays. This vacation week has really helped me to catch up in all areas of my life. I had time for Dean, for blogging, for cleaning and organizing, for reading, for homework, and for myself to just take a bath. I never take a vacation, but it feels so great. I’m taking May 4th to June 1st off from work for my dad’s foot surgery. I’m taking 4 whole weeks in a row. If there is an option to work from home by then, I would probably alternate one week working and one week vacation. We will see. I’m looking forward to doing the same stuff, but so much more. It’ll be swimming season, too!

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