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I went thrift shopping at a local consignment shop and walked away with thirty dollars worth of stuff. I love this certain consignment shop. They always have unique finds and it’s never busy. It has a nice laid back attitude and I spent an hour easily in the store. The ladies who own the place coo and ahhed over Dean keeping him happy while I shopped and tried on a bunch of clothes. I’m never rushed there and I tried on way more than I bought. There are so many styles and I love trying on clothes. I even tried on a cute evening gown just to see how I’d look. lol. I am most definitely going back to take a closer look at their jewelry and nick knacks.

Vintage Sterling Silver Plated Mirror from Hong Kong

The tag on this said $3.99, but they gave it to me for $3. It needs to be polished for sure, but it is going to be a beautiful piece on my desk. I don’t have a vanity, since I don’t have a big enough room for one. My desk is a two-for-one. lol. I use it to display my vanity pieces, but also as a desk. This mirror is really heavy, so it feels nice and solid in your hand. It has a nice clear mirror, so I will be using this to help with makeup application, even if it is just for reapplying my lip balm.


This is the Style&Co brand in a size large. I don’t know what it’s called, but it is like a sweater trench coat style. I really love it and it is very warm. I like layering this over a summer top. It is a heavy knit so it keeps you warm. If I get too warm, I can take it off. I cannot wear this over something warm in case I get too warm. A summer top ensures that I can wear this through a while work day. I am wearing this my first day back for sure. This is the piece that I am most excited to wear.


Jordache Super Skinny Jeans in size 14

I just searched this brand now and saw these jeans for $108. I got a good deal on these! These are super skinny, so even though I am a size 12 now, I needed to get a 14 in order for my ass not to look HUGE in these. I am super happy with these. Finally! I have pants that fit my body super well. No more baggy pants! I used to be a hourglass shape and now, I’m more like a pear with a small waist and big butt and thighs. I need to find cuts that fit with my new shape. It is so hard to find pants that fit at the waist but also have room for larger thighs. I don’t feel like a sausage in these skinnies either. I’m slowly consigning and fading out clothes that no longer fit my shape and never will. It’s hard to let go of clothes….at least for me.


Anne Taylor in size 8

Good news! I am back into fitting size 8 dresses again, which was my pre-pregnancy dress size. I love this dress and the best part is that it is very work appropriate. I can wear it to meetings and interviews. I don’t like to wear dresses often, but it is nice in the warmer weather to have other options but pants. This dress goes over $100 as well and still has the tags on it. I feel beautiful in it. It’s been a while since I haven’t felt “fat” in my clothing. I think it was from wearing bigger clothes, because I’ve been dropping the weight faster all of a sudden.


The Great American Sweater Company Concepts in Medium

This sweater is so nice and comfy. It is a nice house sweater, since I’m sure it is too comfy to wear around the office. Maybe if I style it right, I can get away with it. I love the baby pink color and it reminds me a lot of a light blue robe that I used to have as a kid. I cannot use the tie belt, but I still love it open and snuggling into it. I wish there would have been a large, but this was the only one of its kind.

This was part of my Christmas present from my dad. He gave me $100 to spend and I spent $30 at the consignment shop. I’m going to share the other things that I got from Walmart and Sephora in a separate post. Also, my new hair is coming soon. I’m still deciding on a dye. Not many cruelty free options available at the drug store.

With Love,



33 thoughts on “Thrifting”

  1. I think you could definitely wear the pink long sweater to work, I would just wear a solid colored shirt under it, like white or black. And dark jeans. I have a tan long sweater from high school and a black oversized cardigan from Salvation Army, and that’s generally how I wear them. They’re also nice with leggings, though you probably wouldn’t wear those to work.

    1. Lol. I don’t even e n think I own a pair of leggings. I’d much rather where pj bottoms. I could try that out. I really love it. Oh, I love the robe you bought even more! I’ve been living in it especially with this cold that I have.

      1. I usually only wear pjs to bed or if I’m staying home and it’s freezing. If I’m out and about I’ll wear a yoga legging/ pant. But only if it’s warm enough. Otherwise I have fleece leggings. If I need to be wearing a nicer pant I’ll usually go for dark wash jeans as they’re the nicest pants I have. I probably need to but some dress pants. And I’m glad you like it! I have two similar robes, they’re so warm and comfy and have held up for years. I got one sophomore year of high school, the other maybe senior year of high school? I still have both. They’re nice.

      2. Life savior when you are sick and the hot chocolate. How much snow did ya get? I called in because my work is stupid and didn’t cancel while the rest of the state did.

      3. A little over a foot I would say? It’s kind of hard to tell as it was also windy and it seems like it was on the more powdery side. I’m just grateful we didn’t lose electricity! The roads look 100% clear here too. Kelley did the same because McDonald’s only closes in a state of emergency, which has happened once since she started there. How did you guys do with the snow?

      4. Stayed inside all day. We are all still recoverying from our colds. My dad had a fever yesterday, so I took care of Dean, the dogs, and the shoveling for the most part. It was nice just to sit and relax. I took pictures for my blog. I have a ton of posts to upload and I have been good so far scheduling them to upload during the week. I have so much to do this weekend. I’m finally feeling better today. How was your snow day? I need to catch up on course week. I’m a week behind.

      5. i generally don’t enjoy snow days because i start feeling claustrophobic. i also don’t like missing out on work, which i did. so not that good? lol. i doing do much of anything though. some reading and clothes organizing, that’s basically it.

      6. LOL. I am blogging today, finishing cleaning my closeet, and going Walmart shopping tonight. Tomorrow, I am going grocery shopping, cleaning the bathroom, and kitchen. I also will be working on chapter 6 every night after Dean goes to bed. Being sick has gotten me a week behind.

      7. i’ve done a little house cleaning and online shopping today. i bought a new winter coat. my regular coat just hasn’t been warm enough for the past couple days. ellie is here this weekend without jo and i took her for a 15 minute walk this morning, it was miserable. lol. it was a pretty good deal from express. i think $44 with shipping, regular $99, it was on clearance to 60 then additional 40% off. now i’m just going to watch liv and maddie for a bit and enjoy some tea before doing a little more cleaning. lol

      8. I never finished the closet, but I’m doing that tomorrow and the bathroom. I’m being realistic. I’ll get to the living room and kitchen next weekend. The weekend after that I’m tackling Dean’s closet. That might take a couple of weekends to finish. I’m just gonna work on my blog for a half hour, get ready for bed, and then snuggle up with Eva and watch Youtube before going to bed. I’m doing Walmart and Grocery shopping tomorrow morning..Fun..

      9. I haven’t been shopping much this week. I went to Walmart after work Wednesday and that’s it. The car is still in the shop, hopefully it will be done by Monday night. We found out it was the fuel pump that let go, but to replace the fuel pump the gas tank needed to be removed, and some valve on the tank was likely to break so my dad had to call around for a new gas tank. It’s hard because apparently they don’t make them for the truck anymore, so he had to call around to junk yards to see who had one, luckily he found one yesterday. It’s been a big ordeal. I cleaned the bathroom and did a sweeping of the linoleum from the hall through the kitchen but that’s probably all I will feel like doing this weekend. I did take down the little pink Christmas tree though. The regular one is still up. Is yours still up?

      10. Just took it down yesterday. It’s too much of a hassle with Dean. That’s great that you’ll be getting the truck back soon. I got back from both shopping places and unwinding now before tackling the closet in 20 ish minutes.

      11. Hopefully will. One of the reasons they’ve been so slow is the manager is on vacation and he still is. In hoping they’ll get to it but we will see. It’s freezing today! I just got back from church and am making tea. I have no real plans for today besides reading and doing my nails at some point. I may knit, idk. I was thinking about leg warmers during church. Lol.

      12. LOL. I’m painting my toes and nails tonight after Dean goes to bed. I’m starting a Project Polish this year. I am hoping to go through 4 or 5 polishes. I’ll be sharing it on my blog soon. I have so many posts to write.

      13. I’m gonna do a Manicure Monday post. lol. It’s gonna go up this Monday. I did it before bed, so it does have fabric indentations, but I still think it looks nice. I’ve never had perfect nails, so to me, it’s pretty perfect looking. A little streaky with two coats but I really like the color. My day was okay. Apparently Dean was really crabby with my dad and work is work. I have my sit with today and a meeting. Hopefully everything goes well. Have a great day!

      14. That used to happen to me a lot. I usually try to get them done mid day on a Sunday so that doesn’t happen so much. We still don’t have the car back and no word on when we will. It’s been almost two weeks now and it really should have only taken a few days at the most which is a little frustrating. You have a good day too!

      15. they are but they’re also not? it’s a different story each time we here from them. the owner is on vacation which is ultimately the hold up. they seem to work slower without him there.

      16. We finally got it back Thursday, almost $500 later. I guess they figure the car had about another year of life left in it, but who knows. They were rude to my dad about something and it just turned into a big ordeal. How was your week?

      17. A big ordeal? At least, you get another year out of it. Are you going to be buying a car? My week was good. I have an interview on Tuesday for this job that I want. My manager brought it to my attention. It is working with Data Analysts! I REALLY WANT IT!

      18. eventually. the car is used 90% of the time to bring beth to school. the other 10 is me traveling to work in a separate car from my mom, bringing beth somewhere else, or occasionally visiting a friend or my sister or going out for an activity. so my parents really have to decide whether they will replace it or not. me buying my own car is a separate thing. i’m saving some bit it’s hard when you have to pay for repairs so frequently.

      19. It generally isn’t explicitly 1/3, but roughly. It’s usually what I offer my parents and they’ve never said it’s too little. Your dad doesn’t do oil changes himself?

      20. No, he is in too much pain to do it himself nowadays. After the foot surgery, he will probably do it himself again. It’s not that much really. It’s less than $30 and I get the tire rotation for free.

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