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Dean’s Update Week 12/18/17

I miss being home with Dean instead of being at work. I know it is a necessary evil, but I miss my boy after spending so much time with him. I almost got my room organized during my vacation. I still have to finish up my closet, but then, I will be done. I will be moving onto Dean’s closet and cleaning it out. I want to get rid of the junk and store all of the consignment clothes in there and keep the toys that Dean has grown out of. I don’t want to have it all in my closet. Dean’s has so much junk from my dad and us just shoving things in there. After I do Dean’s closet and dust Dean’s room, the rest of the house is relatively easy. I just have to dust and organize here and there. This is my “Winter” cleaning. I try to do a complete cleaning every season. Hopefully, it will get easier as I go along and quicker now that I’m slowly purging what we don’t need.

12/18/17 – OT

Dean had ABA evaluation last week. Services to start tomorrow. He will be starting with 1.5 hours 4 days per week 8-9:30. Dean did well today. He sat for an extended period of time to work through three different activities. He was able to pull apart pop beads when only two were together. He did it independently 5 times, which he had never done before. He was able to place ball into pig popper.

  • Continue to have him point to choices

12/18/17 -Speech

HMEA meeting today to add to services to IFSP service delivery page. Dean was seen at home with Mike and Anne from HMEA. Services will begin 12/19 at 8 am. 1.5 hours Tuesday through Friday with 3 hours supervision per week. Services will be increased as Dean tolerates sessions. Dean placed a few shapes in shape sorter and looked when toys were brought up to therapist’s face.

  • 12/19 Services to start w/HMEA

He only had two sessions on the same day that week. His OT cancelled on Thursday and then cancelled her makeup session on that Friday. Hopefully, she can make up the day next week, because OT has been doing wonders for Dean.

With Love,



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