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Hate Comment #1

I stopped reading at “disabling autism” and “mentally disabled.” You may blog about whatever topic you want, but I suggest researching autism more before you spout more ignorance. This disgusts me and I feel sorry for your child. It is because of attitudes like this that people on the autism spectrum are left behind and have no hope.

  1. Thank you for giving me this ignorant comment. I’m going to be featuring this comment on my blog. Thank you for the material. Instead of bringing people down, you should try supporting other people in need. Autism is disabling to an individual. He does speak, so therefore is “mentally disabled”. I’m not calling my son retarded at all. He is a smart boy. According to the state of MA, autism is a mental defect since autism is connected to the neurons in the brain not interacting correctly with each other. There is a range of autism. My cousin has autism and wears diapers, doesn’t talk, and can’t communicate at all. He’s a year younger than me. So, having severe autism can be very similar to being mentally disabled. So, maybe do your research before you spout your ignorance. Feel sorry for my child that he gets all the love in the world. Yes, people get left behind and have no hope because I am using my blog to talk about my personal opinion and my son’s journey of autism services trying to get him to communicate and one day speak. So, don’t “feel sorry” for him and your comment “disgusts me” that some on with a form of autism would be so rude and spiteful. I have had a few comments from others living with autism that have been nothing but supportful. I could make a rude comment about how people who make comments of yours shouldn’t have children, but after fighting for a year to have a child, I am grateful to have my special boy. And if you think a parent that fought the pediatrician and strongly advocates for their child and is a survivor of emotional and physical abuse, wouldn’t do everything for their child, then I don’t know what to say. And if you think I’m “ignorant” than start educating me instead of tearing me down. Be a pillar of resource instead of a fire of hate.


4 thoughts on “Hate Comment #1”

  1. Wow, people are morons. I often wonder why people take time out of their day to post something like this – they could have just stopped reading and moved on with their day. I think your updates are interesting, I hope that knowledge is empowering and inspiring you!!

    1. It is. I mean, could I have chosen better wording yes, but don’t send me hate. I would have appreciated constructive criticism. If my words were really insulting, one of my autistic readers would have pointed it out to me in a better less hate filled way. I was very emotional when I wrote that. I’m not perfect I don’t claim to be, but don’t come after me and my son. Don’t ever say that I don’t love him. Don’t like my blog: Don’t read and don’t comment. Her replies are still coming, so I’m sure that I can make another post about this. lol

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