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2018 Inventory

Hey guys!

I wanted to kick off the year with my yearly inventory into all of my beauty products. I will be separating every category into its own post throughout the month of January and possibly into February. I do a second inventory check in half way through the year to help keep me accountable. I want to see how much has changed since last July. I want to know if I am using my stuff up and what and how much that I have left. I am constantly using stuff up and getting in new stuff. My collection is in constant flux.

I just wanted to let you know that these posts are coming as well as project intros for the year, so if you likes these types of posts, give me a like so I know that I should continue to do them. I like doing intros to let you know what’s coming and in the works. I haven’t taken any photos of my makeup collection yet. I plan on doing that next week hopefully. I’m not sure if there are enough days left in the month to get everything up in January. I have so many post ideas! Hopefully, I don’t burn out in a few months from using up all of my ideas. LOL

With Love,



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