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Dean’s ABA Week 1/12/18

Dean had a break through week this past week. He did his ring stacker toy all by himself and can continue to do all by himself with me at home. He has acquired a ring stacking skill! I am so proud of him that I even took him out for ice cream. I am just so proud of him in general. He never really gets mad and is mostly a happy little guy. He’s not letting a thing like autism hold him back from having a good time like any other child. I’m sick of hearing “I’m so sorry” when I tell someone he has autism. I want to hear anything else but that. I’m not sorry. He wouldn’t be my boy without it. All it is is a challenge. He isn’t dying and I’d rather him have a life long condition than have cancer. Is that a horrible thing to say for people who have kids with cancer? I’m sorry but its the truth.

1/8/18 – Ann

Make-up session for last Thursday. Dean sat briefly for different toy activities. Seeing some toe walking. Liking textured puzzle, books, and stacking blocks.

1/9/18 – Joyce

Very good session! Dean independently placed ring on stacker right after being frustrated. Progress with books, eye contact. Using many toys.

1/9/18 – Ann

Dean did well today. Looking for prompting to complete toys. Great doing ring stacker. Great eye contact when playing bubbles.

1/11/18 – Ann

Dean had a great day! Did ring stacker independently many times. Also starting to do more to put in puzzle pieces, pull handle on see & say, and stack blocks.

1/12/18 – Ann

Dean did great again this morning. Really watching my mouth when I spoke – “buh, buh” for bubbles. “mmm” when eating. First time put all the balls on hit-a-ball toy. Tried to put block on stacking boxes.

This week was full of progress, which makes every week before worth it. I know he won’t always have great weeks, but this was a great one. My life has big changes coming up ahead and some of it is scary but it is all good. I’m hoping to get my dream job as an Operations Specialist I, so I can work with the Data Analysts. I want to be a Data Analyst as my career. This would get me one step closer and being able to support my family financially would be great. My interview is today! Wish me luck!

With Love,


6 thoughts on “Dean’s ABA Week 1/12/18”

  1. It sounds like he is making a lot of progress, and that’s great to hear! Even if they are small, it seems they could be little things that will head him in the direction he needs to go. What is most important is like you said he is over all a happy kid, this means the therapy is helping and not being met in a negative or overwhelming by him. I’m happy to know he had a great week, and it’s important he seems to be on the same page or team as you. Happy child, means happy mom. 🙂 I also liked how you pointed out how people shouldn’t be sorry to him, and it is not a disease. It is a lifelong different operating system I call it. Like I told you before autism comes with struggles, but it can also come with many talents and unique qualities. With the right support, acceptance and love I think those on the spectrum do just fine.

    Now that I am older I will say my delay of speech, motor skills and so on were not my biggest struggles or aggravations cause all of that could be taught to me by therapy. My biggest challenge still seems to be my emotions and trying to make sense of them etc. Where I belong and things like that.

    1. That is good to know that he needs a ton of emotional support more than anything else once he gets over the few challenges that he has. I love him dearly, but I can’t understand him the way someone else on the spectrum can. This is why I am looking into autistic play groups. I think he needs to spend time with others like him. I don’t want him to be bullied or made fun of. I will be homeschooling him, so I want to have a play group for him set up. I think socialization is important. It might be easier for him to communicate with other kids like him.

      Is that too segregated of a thought? I am just thinking about being around kids like him. He already hangs out with my land ladies grandchildren during the warmer months. He just grunts at them and stares at him. The girls thought he was super cute. lol

      1. It’s okay that you may not always entirely understand your son, there will be times he will teach you as well. So you can look at it from that point of view too. It’s a journey and it is going to be hard sometimes, but it also can be wonderful. You will learn more too the older he gets what are his things that he can’t handle, what brings him sadness, what makes him safe and happy and so on. Autistic playgroups are a great idea or little play dates with like minded children. If you choose to homeschool him there are many benefits and not just to avoid the severe bullying most schools have now, but you will probably be able to help him a lot more too. When I was in public school they didn’t really have the support or tools to help me. So I had a struggle in school outside of just the bullying. You could maybe look into other kinds of schools in your area if there are any. Though not as popular I know they have schools specially for spectrum disorders or other learning difficulties etc. He’s young and school is a long time, so who knows things could change too. There is nothing wrong with homeschooling though I wish at times I was homeschooled, but it wasn;t really possible for my parents even if they wanted to homeschool me.

        It is not too segrated of a thought especially with the problems in public education, the bullying is getting more severe, teens are becoming more depressed and so on. There are many benefits to homeschooling, then your only worry is to find ways to give him social opportunities. Personally as a child I went to public school had a brother close to my age (year younger) and I much preferred to play by myself than with other children. I liked having friends and a brother who I got along with most of the time, but I really appreciated my alone and down time. I played board games by myself believe it or not. music was huge for me as a kid, writing, and I had imaginary friends too. I had stuffed animals I played with etc. I liked being by myself. I don’t know if it was just an autism thing, but no one can hurt you either when you are by yourself. The older I get the more I actually don’t really like humans haha. I have a small group of people I allow in my life, and humanity as a whole depresses me. I much prefer animals, they are innocent little creatures. Children too are innocent. And any kind of abuse or mistreatness against either gives me a real kind of sadness. So yeah I am comfortable and completely fine with playing by myself or doing anything on my own. There are benefits to that as in I could always entertain myself and I didn’t need encouragement as I could work for long periods at a time by myself. It did suck sometimes though because I hated having to ask for help. But over all it is good I think. You may find that too your child may grow up and only want social events in small incrediments because he is on the spectrum and much prefer time spent by himself. If it makes him happy it shouldnt be forced just because humans think socialization is normal. Socialization isn’t that normal for me. I need it in very small increments so I don’t go crazy, but I also need amount of down time to deal with people etc.

        That is cute that he grunts and stares at him, and that is good he has other children to spend time with in the warmer months.

      2. Okay, the play group is going to be a thing. I’m thinking small. I think the ABA said they will try to choose a child similar to him with willing parents.

        I find social interactions draining and I much prefer to read books and be alone as a child as well.

        We have two dogs and you are right! Animals are better than people. Well, except when Serena is dragging her ass across the carpet. lol

      3. That sounds fun, and yeah probably a good idea to keep it small especially at first. Feel it out etc.

        I find anything social pretty much very draining and causes a lot of anxiety etc. Always have and I am very much an introvert. I like my me time and have since a child. So we are the same that way. 🙂 I get what you mean completely.

        Lol Yeah I love animals, they are pretty lovable and one of the few things we can still enjoy in our big scary world. They can always cheer me up. I can’t wait for the hubby and I to get a cat when we are more set up to get one here. Lol Yeah animals can be goofy sometimes. 😛

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