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Dean’s ABA Week 1/19/18

Dean had another great week. We are going to be working on bottle weaning and Dean will be seeing a foot specialist for his flat feet. He might have a week left ankle, so he might need an ankle support. It is official though like father like grandfather like son, Dean has flat feet. He’ll never be drafted, which is a big relief to me personally. I never want to lose him and especially not in an unnecessary war. Dean’s doctor appointment went well. He had no shots and only had the lead and hemoglobin test. I’ll know the results to that in a few weeks, no rush for me. My big boy weighs 25 lbs and 8 ounces and is 2 foot 8 inches and a quarter. He gained a healthy amount of weight and that makes me happy. Only thing I did was cut down a serving of milk (5 ounces) a day.

1/16/18 – Ann

Dean did well with toys today. Still trying puzzles and see-and-say on his own. A little more fussy than usual – slight runny nose. Lots of good eye contact, looking at me during play.

1/18/18 – Ann

Dean put 3 blocks independently on stacking blocks. Many attempts to do see and say on his own. Saw Dean use new swing from OT. Good eye contact when playing bubbles.

1/19/18 – Ann

Dean did well today with toys. Liked new cause and effect toy. Able to pull see and say handle a little more. Discussed Dean’s looking for the bottle.

1/19/18 – Stephanie (Supervisor subbing for Joyce)

Discussed bottle and going to gate. Discussed progress in sitting and attending and initiating tasks. Took some data on going to gate and whining. Discussed programs as well. Dean has made nice progress. Showing initiation with puzzle and shape sorter. By the end of the session, he was really initiating the point. Worked on signing more as well.

His ABA therapists think that he is ready or 2 hour sessions 4 days a week. They are going to try and see how many days this coming week he will work or 2 hours. He can get up to 30 hours of therapy and they for sure would like to build up to that point. He really needs more help to pay attention for longer periods of time, but also some talking or self expression lessons. They want to draw and finger paint with him. I really look forward to seeing his ABA therapists again.

With Love,



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