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Dean’s EI Week

This past week was different than Dean’s average week. He was really tired and OT and Speech teamed up for one day. Dean was tired this week and he wasn’t willing to work as much and went to bed early on Thursday and Friday. He started slapping himself in the head and has scratched me to the point where he drew blood for my nose. That happened during the finger scrape, so I don’t blame him. He was under a ton of stress. He slapped me the overnight in the face with a toy block, because he was really tired. He lashes out in the only way he knows how. It’s not his fault and it’s my job as a parent to correct the behavior and find out what is causing it.

1/25/18 – Speech & OT

Dean had ABA this morning. They report progress as well. Dean did intermittently excellent today. He was also very tired and was teary with tantrums. Despite that, he did animal shape sorter completing 3/8 shapes independently and minimal assistance for 4/8 just for orientation. He stacks rings independently. He pointed to his bottle consistently with prompt at elbow only 4 times!!

  1. Continue to encourage pointing to desired items.
  2. Have him do sensory activities between 1:1 structured tasks.

1/26/18 – OT make up for 1/23/15 missed session

Per Mike, Dean is a little off today. He did not do as well this morning with ABA. Dean did excellent today! He placed 6/8 shapes into animal shape sorter independently. 2/8 shapes he needed only minimal help for orientation. He consistently pointed with prompting at his elbow with right hand. He needed prompting at hand with left hand. He stacked wooden and star stacker independently. Transitioned from swinging to working chair well. Every time told “time to work” and pointed to chair, he came to sit 4/4 times!

  • Continue to encourage pointing to desired items.

I excited to see what the next month will bring. He has had so much progress. He makes sounds more and some times I think that I hear words. It could be wishful thinking, but I think also, that my brain is trying to make sense of the sounds. He may talk one day and he may not, but the fact that he does spontaneously say words, gives us all hope for this determined little boy.

With Love,



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