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Dean’s ABA Week

I love the team that comes over and works with Dean. The supervisor, Joyce, had a meeting with me on Friday night to talk about how Dean has been doing, permission to take pictures and video to record his progress ONLY, and to discuss what I wanted to see and my concerns/questions. She stayed for an hour and brought a toy to play with him for about 30 minutes. You can tell that she really cares about Dean in her eyes. You can’t fake that. Everyone cannot help but fall in love with him. He is such a sweet and gentle boy. He gets aggressive when frustrated and at a breaking point.

1/23/18 – Ann

Dean was very active this morning. Did well rolling ball back and forth to me. Did 3 shape puzzles (Circle, Triangle, Square) independently. Increase in babble and making sounds this morning.

1/24/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. Played well with shape sorter, puzzles, ring stacker, and some of Joyce’s toys. Did great with eye contact and pointing. Went over the PCP with Joyce today. Did great sitting.

1/24/18 – Joyce

Excellent ball play! Nice joint attention! Encourage sitting on own, less on lap. Fantastic stacker still 🙂 Eye contact continues to improve. Will meet with Hannah soon.

1/25/18 – Ann

Dean was active this morning. Sat to do toys with me. Pointing when I hold up his arm at the elbow. Making lots of sounds today.

1/26/18 – Ann

Dean showing more independence with his pointing. Pointed to puzzle pieces for me to label, also to pictures in book. Introduced potato head toy. Curious about it – needed hand over hand to complete.

I totally forgot about Mr. Potato Head. It seems like kids are too into electronic toys now. We need to get kids back to the basics and how simple life used to be. They think that they want to grow up, until they do and realize how much work and sacrifice it is. Living on your own isn’t easy. I hope he never wishes to grow up too fast.

With Love,


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